Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


10. Hotel

Avas POV

"Thanks for dinner Haz." "No problem baby." He leans down and kisses your check as we walk over to his black range rover. He gets his keys from his back pocket and unlocks the car. He opens my door for you and helps you into the car. He hooks his seatbelt then looks at you. "So where to?" He ask. "What?" I asked Harry had just truly suprised me. Any other guy would have taken me to there house and tried to get me to have sex. He was actually asking me what I wanted to do. "Umm.... well I don't know. But I have till eleven. He laughs and pulls the car on to the road. "The hotel?" He ask. I bit my lip and look at him, hes looking at the road. "Sure." I can see him smile a little then he turns on the radio. He takes my hand as we ride. Of course Harry takes up his habit of singing terribly. I laugh the whole way to his hotel. The place was stunning. I had been once but hadn't really paid attention to how beautiful it was. You notice it had a big garden in the back as Harry gave his car to the guy to go park. As you were walking to the elevator you grab Harrys arm and stop him. His biceps were huge. "Ummm..... will have to meet the rest of the boys?" Harry just laughes. "Whats so funny?" "Well any other girl would be begging by now to meet the other lads. Besides your adorable so you have nothing to worry about." He taped my nose with the tip of his index finger. You blush and looked down suddenly becoming very interested in the pattern of the carpet. Harrys huge hands grab my chin and tilted my head up. "Love your gorgeous." I blush. Harry bites his bottom lip staring at me. "What?" I ask. "He continues staring but slightly smiles. "Haz." You say giving his shoulder a little shove. He nudges a liitle bit. Then continues looking at you. He tucks your hair behind you ear gently. You look at the floor. You knew you were blushing again. You look up once more and Harry presses his soft lips to yours taking you by suprise. You didn't like kissing in the middle of the lobby. You start to pull away and he grabs either side of your waist pulling you closer. Harrys full lips graze yours softly trying to get you to kiss him back. He continues to kiss you as you slightly kiss him back. Moving your lips gently against his. You wrap your arms around his neck playing with the tight ringlets at the back of his head. Harry moans in the back of his throat as you run your hands up through the back of his hair. "Harry." You whisper pushing him away. "Sorry love." You blush remembering you where standing in the middle of the hotel. Come on he says grabbing your hand and pulling you into the elevator.


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