Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


7. Goodnight Beautiful

Avas POV

I set my bag on the table by the door. "Av, that you?" "Yeah!" I walk into the living room and Vickys sitting on the couch in a blanket watching 'Grown ups.' "Where you been?" she ask stuffing a cookie in her mouth. I pick up a cookie off the table and take a bite. "I was hangin out with a boy." You hadn't planned to tell her tonight you had met Harry Styles but you weren't gonna be able to not tell her. "Oooooo... who?" she winks at me and I laugh. "EWW! Vick not like that." She laughes then looks at me seriously again. "Come on tell. Anyone from campus?" "Umm..... no." "Then who!?!" she ask shaking my shoulders. "Hur...rary Shyles" I say craming my mouth full of cookies stalling. Cookie falls down my shirt into my shirt. I pick out the crum and eat it. "Hot?" She says sarcastically and smirks. "Now tell me who the boy is." "I dont really know how to tell you. "Just say it really fast." Okay.......sothismorningiwenttostarbucksand ranintoharrystyles soheinvitedmetocomehangoutwithhimafterwork." I was sure if anything had gotten to her I had talked so fast. But then her mouth dropped and she let a little gasp escape from her lips. "AHHHHHHHHHH! HARRY STYLES! FROM ONE DIRECTION? NO WAY!" She screamed so loud I thought my ears were gonna explode. "Yeah Victoria Harry Styles from one direction." "OMG! No way that is so cool." "Yeah and guess who else I met." I waited a minute because I knew he was her favorite. "Niall!" I said grinning waiting for the scream. She scremed again even louder. "So you think he'll ask you out again?" she asked when she was done fangirling. "Umm...I don't know." I didn't wanna tell her what he had just said. " Im sure he will" she says picking another cookie up off the table.

I tell Vicky more about what happened then we finished the movie and I walk up stairs to my room. I go into the bathroom wash my long blonde wavy hair then put it in a high bun on top of my head. I loved washing my hair but hated drying it. I wrap my towel around my waist and walk to my room. Vicky is just walking into her room down the hall. "Night." she calls. "Night Vick." I throw the towel in my hamper and put on my hot pink bra and black yoga pants with the hot pink waist. I hated sleeping in shirts it made me feel all clingy. I sit on my bed criss-cross and pull out my laptop. I open up my twitter account and start scrolling through. There is a whole bunch of pictures my friends from campus had posted. They were pictures with captions as 'Harrys new girlfriend?'' New mrs. Styles.'  Then my friends had tagged me and where asking questions like 'Omg so cool.' and 'you goin out with harry?' I decided not to reply. I close my laptop and get under the cover.  I was just drifting off when my phone beeps. I sit up all groggy.

"Good Night beautiful. Dinner tomorrow?" I smile and sit up more so I can reply.

"Sounds great I have to work till 6 so hows 8?" I sit and wait for him to text me back.

*beep* "Sounds great love pick you up then. xx Hazza."




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