Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


13. Goodbye

Harrys POV

"Love? Wake up." Ava had fallen asleep it was probabaly 12 or so. She mumbled in her sleep and turned towards me burying her head in my chest. I stroked her hair. "I got all her stuff from the bathroom and put it in one of your duffle bags. "Kay, thanks lad." "Um Harry... did she really wear this?" Niall reaches in the bag and pulls out Avas pink dress. I started blushing, I didn't know why. "Oh my god." Louis said. "I bet she looked hawt." "Lou shutup." Niall stuffed the dress back in the bag and dropped it at the bottom of the couch. "Im gonna go to bed" Liam slapped my shoulder and walked out. "Zayn will you make me some food?" Niall whined. "Sure lad come on." Zayn and Niall got up and went to the kitchen. "You really like her huh?" Lou ask smiling."Lou shut it." "Oh really cause what I saw on the couch earlier tells me." He stuck out his tongue and made kissy faces at me. I reach behind me and pulled out a cushion and chucked it at Lou. He just laughed. "Your bout to make your girl fall off." I reached around and put my hand on my back pulling her closer towards me. I kissed her forhead gently. "Ava wake up." I tucked some hair behind her hair. She looked so cute sleeping. Her eyes fluttered gently and she wrapped her arms around my neck playing with my curls. "Hey babe, you ready to go." "Mhmm." She muttered. " Come on." I scooted out from behind her to the other side of the couch and stood up. She rooled over towards me and held up her hands for a hug. I bent over and she wrapped her arms and legs around me. "Woah, um.... want me to carry you?" She suprised me by wrapping her self around me. "Yes." she mumbled into my shoulder. I bent over and picked up her bag. We walked down to where my car is parked. I had carried her all the way downstairs with her arms and legs wrapped around my waist. It wasn't hard because she was so light. "Love, I gotta get my keys." Just then she reached her hand in my back pocket and pulled out my keys. She unlocked the car I put her in her seat and she buckled. I sang to her all the way to her apartment. Not like I usually did but in a peaceful way. When we got there I walked her up to the door her fingers intertwined with mine. "Goodnight georgous." I kissed her cheek lightly. I pulled away but instead she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me like we had at the hotel. Her tongue lightly brushing against mine. "Night Harry." She pulls away and  walks inside.


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