Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


3. Dropping mouths

Harrys POV

"Harrys that you?" I heard Louis call from the hotel kitchen. "Yeah."

"FOOD!" Niall runs into the kitchen and snatches the bag.

I laugh and sit down at the kitchen desk. I pull up my messages and entered Avas number. "Hey love.<3 Harry''

"Whos Ava?' Louis breathed down my neck looking over my shoulder. I jumped in suprise i could feel my cheeks turn a dark red. Louis chuckled when i put my hand on the back of my neck like i always did when i was nervous. "Ummm....... just a girl i met at the coffe shop." "Oh so you call random girls you meet love and then put a cute little heart." Louis batted his eyelashes mockingly looking at Harry. Harry chuckled and punched him in the shoulder.

Avas POV

"Ok girls let start stretching.'' I reach for my toes looking up making sure the little ones did it to. Of course they did because they were sweet and always did what i asked. I loved teaching tumbling to the 4-7 year olds they were adorable but sometimes difficult. On the other hand the hiphop class i taught to the 12-15 Junior high girls was still fun they had a lot more sass then the little ones probably because I was only 5 years older than some of them. But still they were like my little sisters and i loved them. "Okay now get in line for cartwheels." The young girls got in a line must of them had on tanktops or teeshirts and little spandex. I on the other hand wore spandax and the company shirt the arm holes hang down below my hot pink sports bra. I had cut it like that because the shirt regular sleeves made it hard to move in. Plus it was all girls so it didnt really matter. The firest little one runs and I flip her legs over quickly so they can learn how to do it. I do the same to each little set of legs till my phone beeps. I ignore it because Im not suppose to take personal breaks till after work but i always have an hour between when the tumbling class ends at 3:00 and the hiphop class starts at 4:00. So i would just look then what ever it was couldn't be that important. I helped them finish cartwheels, roundoffs, and then backwalkovers which i had to spot pretty heavily for most of them. We finished up and I told them Bye. I went to the workroom and got a pepsi out of the freezer, I thought about the comemrcial Harry did and smiled to myself. God since earlier today I had been thinking about him alot. Would he call me? Just then I remembered I got a text and went and sat on the couch next to Alissa. She was one of my best friends at work and often came and hanged out with me and Victoria. She taugh the backhand spring class. "Hey Lissa." She looks up from her buzz magazine ans smiles. I open up my phone and look at my new text.

"Hey love<3 Harry" Omg he texted me.

Harrys POV

She hadn't texted me back it had only been thirty minutes but still. I mean she was at... "Haz?" Liam pulled me out of my thoughts we were sitting on the couch talking but my mind kept thinking back to her. The smell of her shampoo the way she was so tiny probably only about 5'2.. "HARRY!" This time it was Niall calling my name. "Lad what you thinking so hard about over there?""Nothing just some girl." The boys mouths opened in amazment. "What?" I was getting frustrated. "Well Haz.. its been along time since we've seen you so interested in someone since you broke up with Tay." "Just stop." you interupted Louis before he started making me think about that relationship that went so badly. "I dont know I just can't stop thinking about her. And she hasnt texted me back" "Wheres she at" Zayn asked. "Work probably." Then I heard my phone beep.

"Hey Hazza." My eyes let up and I knew I started blushing.

Avas POV

"Wanna hangout later?" He had texted me back and wanted to know if we could hangout.

"I wish we could but i dont leave work till 6:30"

"I'll pick you up then.

"Haz I'll have on my work clothes."

"Then will just come back her and hangout."

"Fine but im not meeting anyone cause I'll look all nasty and sweaty."

"Im sure you look georgous." I blushed a deep red and Alissa looked up. "Who you talking to?""Oh just this guy I met at the coffee shop." "Ohhhh......... whats his name" "Ummmmm......." "Come on tell me." Alissa begged. "Fine but if i tell you promise me you won't tell everybody." I knew she was a directioner, more obssesed than Vicky. "Sure... I guess why would i freak." "Well cause the guy Im texting is Harry Styles." Alissas mouth dropped and she started screaming and fangirling. "OMG! OH MY GOG OH MY GOD!!! Are you for real?" We talked about it forever and I told Harry where I worked and and he said he would meet me later.


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