Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


15. Clothes

Harrys POV

"Please stop crying love." He kisses a line from your eye to your jaw. "Im supposed to be in class in an hour Harry." "Then come on I'll take you." "Im not ready." "Ok I'll wait." She slid up off my chest and out from under the duvet. "Im gonna take a shower I'll be right back." I bet my lip and looked at her she still had on my clothes. "Need any help?" "Ha no Haz im good." She grinned sheeply and went in to the bathroom. I heard her lock the door. "You know baby you didn't have to lock the door." "Uh yes I did." She called from the other side of the door. I smile and sit up on her bed. Her laptop is propped on the bed side table. I open it and login on twitter. I saw all the stuff Niall had talked about. How could they say that?

Avas POV

I wrapped my towel around my waist and stepped out of the shower. "Shit." I hadn't brought any clothes with me into the bathroom. I opened the door with the towel wrapped around me and walked across the hall. "Hey Haz." "Yeap." I hadn't even noticed he was on my computer. I don't think he had looked up till now cause his mouth dropped. "Ummm....... I need to change." "You know I really don't care if you change in front of me Av." "haha no nice try Haz out." "Come on please." You can't see me naked..........yet." I winked and he smiked for a minute before going back to pouting. "Fine you pick out my clothes then we can go into the bathroom and I'll change in there." "I get to pick out your clothes and see your beautiful body." I blushed and pulled the towl tighter around me. He walked over and grabbed my facein between his huge hands. "Love your beautiful and someday i want to feel all of you against me taste you, but it dosen't have to be today. But we still going to the bathroom cause you said  I could" I laughed and he walked over to my closet. He choose a pair of black skinny jeans and a hot pink v-neck. I walked towards the bathrrom I could hear Harry behind me. I ran across the hall and locked the door. "Aw love your mean." "Not today Haz." "Thats not cool Ava." Ok hold on Haz, I'll open the door." I swung open the door and smirked. He just frowned. "Damn you." I just laughed as he ran his hands over my hips. "Although the cloths do look good on you." "Come on you can help me straighten my hair." I sat down at my vanity and Harry did my hair. When he finished he bent over so close i could feel his chest against my back and his hot breath tickled my ear. "Im going to get you back for that later."



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