Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


12. Boys

Avas POV

Harry runs down the hall my feet wrapped around his waist. "Ahh! Haz!" He laughs going faster. My feet hit the wall and I knock  off a picture. Harry laughs. "Were gonna break something." He stops and smiles up at me. "Well nah!" Harry once again runs down the hall but turns into the living area. He runs to the sofa and leans back so I can get off but instead he leans more sitting on top of me. "Harry!" I squeal stuck inbetween his bum and the couch. He giggles and scoots off sitting beside me. I throw my legs over his lap and for the first time I look around the room. I see Niall sitting on the opposite love seat smiling at us. "Hey princess." His thick irish accent greets me. "Hey Ni." I say smiling. "Um Harry I say glancing at him then the three other boys sitting around the room. "Sorry." Harry says looking at me. "This is Ava, Ava this is Zayn, Liam, and Louis." "I think she knows who we are." Louis says snickering at Harry. Harry smiles cheekily then turns to me. "Hello love." Zayn says. I smile "Hi." I look at the my feet on Harrys lap. He leans closer to my legs and looks up. "Is someone blushing?" Harry winks at me and kisses my lips softly. I wraps my arms around his neck. Harry sits up straight and pulls me closer so im sitting sideways on his lap. He kisses me slowly at first barely moving his lips. He then bits me bottom lip making me gasp in suprise. He slips his tongue over my bottom lip. He then removes  his tongue and continues kissing me gently. I wanted to feel his warm lips press harder against me. He moves one of my legs so im straddeling his lap.I wrap my arms around his neck. I wanted to tell him it was okay to kiss me with more passion so I run my fingers through his curls pulling slightly. He groans in his throat and I flick my tongue over his bottom lip. Harry grants me entry slowly massaging my tongue with his. "Um..... Harry?" I let go of Harrys curls and turn to look at Niall. I start blushing as all the lads stare in awe at what happened. I unstraddle Harry and go to scoot to the other side of the couch but Harry holds my legs in his lap and slowly pushes my shoulder down into the armrest behind me. I smile as he looks at the boys. They all start laughing and eventually Harry starts laughing to for no apparent reason. Liam picks up the remote as there giggles subsided. I wish they haden't though I loved to listen to Harry laugh, it was adorable. "Ava what do you like to watch?" Liam ask tossing me the remote. "Wipeout." I reply changing it. We watch wipeout till it goes on then the buys start watching soccer.

Harrys POV

Me and the lads are watching soccer and Avas legs are across my lap. She is doing something on her phone. I poke her foot and she looks up at me. Then continues whatever she is doing. I poke her foot again and she laughs. "Whatcha want curly?" "Snuggle me." I say whining and giving her a pouty face.She laughs then scouts foward a bit. "Come." she says scrunchin up her legs. I crawl in between her and the back of the couch. I intertwine my legs with hers and throw my arm over her waist and use my other hand to brush her hair as she faces the tv. She links her hand with mine thats across her and intertwines her fingers with mine. And we sit like this for a while her back to me while I play with her hair. I lean down close to her ear. "Your ass looks hot in my underwear." "Harry!" She screams slapping my arm thats around her. The lads look at us then briefly back at the tv. I lean in again and kiss her neck right under her ear. She squeals and scoots closer to me. I laugh as she turns around to face me. "Harry?" She says brushing curls out of my. "What love?" "Im thirsty." I laugh at how cute and innocent she was looking at me with her big blues eyes and long eyelashes. 'Please." she begs placing a hand on my stomach. I can feel her heat through my shirt. I kiss her nose lightly. "Tea or water?" "I want soda." She says pouting again.  I lean over her body on the couch to get up. While im hovering over her she grabs my arm. "Hazza?" "Yes?" I gulp I was practically on top of her. "Im cold." I laugh and kiss her cheeck. "I'll be right back. I get up and get her a pepsi out of the fridge and grad my blue hoodie off my bed. "She is sitting up on the couch when I got back. Guess that meant know more snuggling. "Arms up." I instruct her. She lifts then up and I slide my hoodie over her head. I hand her the can then sit next to her. She opens her drink and lays on my shoulder. I wrap my arm around her shoulder holding her tight towards my body. She scrunches up her legs to her chest then lays her knees on my leg. "Wanna sip." She holds her can up to my face." I take a sip then we continue to watch tv.


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