Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


11. Back

Avas POV

We are standing in front of the elevator waiting for it to come down. Harry lets go of my hand and stands in front of me. "What are you doing." I say leaning up on his shoulders. He crouches lower. "Up!" He says bending over. "What?" "Up on my back." He says bending over more. "Harry im wearing and dress and 3 inch wedges, thats not a good idea." He looks back at me and poutes sticking his lip out. I laugh and push him into the elevator. We are by are self in the elevator so I ask Harry which floor. "24." He says pulling out his phone. "What are you doing?" I ask. "I want of picture." "Harry no not in this dress." I say motioning to the mid thigh sparkly pink dress. I had gotten hot while in the car so I had taked off my jacket revealing my spaghetti straps. "Please." He begs. "I wanna prove your boobs looked that good when you don't have a bra on." I was shocked he had said that. "I do have a bra on thank you very much." "Mhmm...." He winks pretending to not believe me. "Prove it." Harry your suck a perv. Im not doing that." "Fine, but im still taking the picture.'' Before I had time to think a bright flash goes off. "Harry." I shriek as he grins at his phone. I run up to him and try to snatch the phone. But Harry is still about six inches taller even with my heels on and he holds it high above his head. I can't reach it so I kick off my shoes and jump on his back. I place my feet on his hips and push my self up. My hand is grazing the bottom of his wrist. "Harry give me the phone." I say grabbing his wrist. He takes his free hand and reaches behind him tickling my side. I squeal and jump off. Just then the elevator stops Harry sticks his phone in his pocket. I grab my bag, my jacket and my shoes off the floor and follow Harry out of the elevator. "Harry please delete the picture." I say taking his hand and following him down the hall. "Why?" "Because no one needs to think I let you take that." "True." He winks at me. "Plus considering how good that looks on you I thing I dont want other people seeing you like that." He says wrapping his arm around my waist. "Well thats unfortunate for you because 4 of your friends are about to see me like this. " Harrys brow furrow. "I think you need to change." "No actually I think I should wear this and we can play twister again. But this time everyone can join." I bat my lashes at Harry. "Nope." He says. He scoopes me up bridal style. "Harry put me down!" "No way. " He holds me up with one arm and reaches in his pocket for his key. He unlocks the door and kicks it open. "Haz? That you?" I heard someone call from the living room. "No im a burgarler, hold on a second." I can hear the sarcasm in his voice then laughing coming from the boys. Harry takes me down the hall and throws me on the bed. "Your changing." He says handing me some clothes. "Fine wheres the bathroom?'' I glared at him so he would think I was frustrated although I was glad I could take off my dress. "You could just change in here." He winks at me. "Um.... no. Wheres the bathroom?" "Through there." He says pointing to a door by his bed. He was giving me a little pouty face. I lock the door and take off the dress. I was glad I was wearing a strapless bra because even though I didn't need one with the dress Harrys t-shirt was thin. I pull his tee over my head and smile and they gray boxers he had givin me. The red shirt came down mid thigh so you could barely see the boxers. I pull my hair up in a bun. Harrys clothes smelt like him. I walk out into his room. "You rea..." I stop midsentence. Harry had on some shorts but no shirt. He was bending over and I could see the black rim of his boxers. His back muscels were defined and I wanted to rub to rub my hands over them. "Yeah hold on." He turns around and pulls on a white shirt. I walk up to him and Harry smiles. "You look hot in my clothes. Now up." He  once more bends over so he can give me a piggyback ride. I jump on his back and we head into the hall.

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