Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


17. Authors Note

OKay so first I feel like shit!!! I know I haven't posted in like 5 months and that's awful!! I am soo sorry loves Iv been busy as hell.! That's no exscuse tho I haven't wrote in like 5 months I cant believe its been that long so imam tell you whats been going on. If u don't wanna know the ill just tell you this... I AM ADDING AT LEAST TWO CHAPTERS TONIGHT!!


First off my real name is makenna I used bridget because of some privacy "issues" but yeh... also I have just started competitive cheer and im also still doing gymnastics. I love you guys so much and the only reason I am writing again is because of all the people that have read and favorited THANK YOU SO MUCH yall are awesome.!!! I also have decided to go a little different route with this book don't worry itll still be good. Also remember that this is my first book and its been forever since I wrote so im also very open to suggestions. I LOve you all so much and im soooo freakin sorry!!!! Im going to start writing write now!! mostly because ones persons comment from a couple days ago showed up on  My phone today and made my day so that's why im writing again! IM SO SORRY I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


kisses to my bitches <3


xoxo mak :)



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