Give Me A Chance <3

Vanessa is the smart, quiet, good one of the school. She only has one true friend and has never had a boyfriend. She has never had a detention and would never dream of doing anything wrong. So why has Justin-the bad boy, popular, girls always asking him out-fallen in love with her?


1. Chapter 1

Justin's POV

I stared at Vanessa as I walked into form, late as usual. She looked gorgeous, like most days. If anyone found out I would lose all forms of dignity. I had loved her for 2 years and no-one found out. I wanted to tell her but it's not that simple, never is. She caught me looking and I looked away. I went and sat next to Dave, one of my many friends. He started talking to me about his date last night but I wasn't concentrating, all my focus was on Vanessa. "Dude, are you listening or what?" Dave asked. I snapped back into focus. "Yeah, sorry mate, just um looking at the view, um outside, you know." The bell rang and I grabbed my bag and walked to my first lesson, Maths. I was pumped-my seat was next to Vanessa's in Maths.

Vanessa's POV

Oh god, I had maths first, I had to sit next to Justin! He's got such a big ego and so many little minions, I'm surprised he doesn't have auditions to find his servant for the day. I sat down and got my books out. I looked up when I saw the chair next to me move. Justin shot me a small smile. I looked down at my work and let my hair hang over my shoulder. Half an hour into the lesson, Justin nudged me. "I'm stuck on a question, I was wondering if you had the answer. Would you uh be my girlfriend?" Justin whispered.

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