Would He Say Hes In L-O-V-E ?

I Was In Love With Him ...


1. My Birthday!

Hi Im Payton. Im Just Your Typical 18 ( Almost 19) Year Old Girl Except My Best Friend Was Liam Payne. I Have Long Straight Blonde Hair And Bright Blue Eyes.


Paytons POV: I Woke Up To My Alarm It Was 10:30. I Heard My Bestfriend My Brother And My Mom Walking Up The Stairs. They Burst In My Door And Yell " HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" My Mom And Brother Kiss My Cheeks And Liam Hugs Me Tight. I've Always Had A Crush On Liam But I Dont Think He'll Ever Like Me Like That... I Have A Boyfriend Anyways Sam Were Hapy I Think.....


Liam Pov: I Walk Into Pays Room Its Her Birthday. She Looks Amazing Like Always Even With Her Hair Piled On Top Of Her Head And With Sweatpants And No Make Up. Sam Doesnt Deserve Her He is Such A Deuche Bag!!!!! "Payton Happy Birthday Love!" I Say In Her Ear She Kisses My Cheek And Says " Thanks LiLi I Love You!" " Love You To" I Was Interupted By A Knock On The Rodriguez's Front Door Her Mom Runs To Get It As Me And Her Brother Pick Her Up And Carry Her Downstairs And I Wasnt Surprised T See Her Deuche Jock Boyfriend Sam. She Jumps Out Of Our Arms And Runs To Him And Hugged Him He Kissed Her ForeHead I Was SOO Jealous. I Just Said Bye And Left.


Paytons POV: Liam Left I Was Mad That He Left Then I Looked Up At Sam And Said " I Dont Think This Is Working , Im Sorry Its Over." And Ran Up To My Room And Sent A Text To

LiLi <3 : Hey Come Over Here NOW!

To PayPay <3 : Fine Im At Your Bedroom Door.

I Opened My Door And He Sat Next To Me On My Bed And Said "Whats Wrong Boo?" I Responded "We Broke Up."

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