The Masquerade Ball

This poem is about a masquerade ball but with a twist!


1. The Masquerade Ball

Foreign faces hidden
Alien identity lost
The only clue is in the eyes
Rosy cheeks embossed

Naive and unknown nerves
The flocks fill the hall
Overwhelming capturing stimuli
The excitement of a masquerade ball

Paralysing distractions take control
Glasses flowing to the brim
He sweeps in and caresses every soul
Everyone yearning to be him

Piercing azure eyes discipline
Behind the authoritative beak
Admiration, mystical wonder
Surrendering hearts become weak

But where the obscurity really lies
Is not in the unknown name
But the real secret about him
His continuous hindering shame

For the beak hides a stunted snout
Pink meat beneath his wig
No one would ever guess
His cursed physiognomy of a pig
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