Niall Imagine

Just a imagine with Niall Horan.


1. Niall Imagine

  One day your just walking home from school, on your way home. You feel like someone is stalking you, you turn around but no ones there. "This is weird.." you thought to yourself.

Then all of a sudden, Niall comes out of no where and scares you.

You and Niall have been best friends since you both were 3 years old. Niall and you did everything together. Niall was like your older brother.

"OMG, Niall don't scare me like that!" You said joking.

" I'm sorry, love."

" So, whatcha wanna do?" you say.

" Can we go to your house?" he asks.

"We have Nandos." Knowing it's his favorite food.

"Kayla, your the best!"

Your mum and Niall's mum knew you and Niall were best friends, so it wasn't weird to bring a guy home. When you and Niall got to your house, he sat on the couch and put in your guys favorite movie, " The Notebook" and you go get the Nando's.

You and Niall sit down on the couch and start watching the movie. Niall Starts to look at Twitter, and sees all the hate you get just for being friends with him. Niall looks sad, so you ask him "What's wrong."

"Nothing, I promise."

You know he's lying. For the rest of the night he isn't his self, you even offer him food, but he says no. You don't know what's wrong with him, but you wish you did. You didn't like Niall upset. " I wonder what he's not telling me?" you thought to yourself.

To cheer him up, you bring him to his favorite arcade Lucky Jacks. He looked like was having fun, but you knew he wasn't.

Later that night, you both get to your house, Niall spend the night, like he does every Friday. For the rest of the night you both just watched T.V. and ate, and just kinda hung out. Niall still wasn't himself. Around 2am you both went to sleep. You slept on the floor, and Niall slept on the couch. You thought he'd be better by morning.

*Next Morning*

"Niall?" You ask.

"Yeah?" he says.

"Why were you acting weird last night?"

"What do you mean?"

" You looked really sad, and you didn't talk much and when I offered you food you said no."

"Oh, I don't know. I just didn't feel good." He said lying.

" Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to ruin our normal Friday."

You could've said anything, but you didn't know what to say.

*Couple Hours Later*

"Hey Niall, you wanna sleep over again?"

" Yeah sure."

*Around 8:00pm*

"Niall, I know that's not the reason you were upset."

" Yes it was."

"Niall, please tel me the truth."

"Ok fine. (Y/N), I've liked you since day 1, and when I was  on twitter, and saw all the hate you got, i just got really angry, so I just stayed quite. There i said it!"

"Wait, Niall you like me?" You were really happy, cause you like him to.

"Yeah, but if you don't like me I understand.

"No Niall, the funny thing is that I've like you to."

"You have?"

"Yes, of course I have, how can someone not like you?"

"Haha yeah.." He said.

"Oh.. so (Y/N) uhh.. Do you wan to go out with me?"

"Yes I would!!"

You both went downstairs and you thought to yourself " Yes! I got my Christmas Wish."

*10 Years later*

You and Niall have got your first house together, happily married and Living with your 4 year old daughter, Emilee.


The End:) Thanks for Reading. This is my first Imagine I've wrote, so sorry if it's not that good:(



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