A drop in the ocean.

Someone hacks Lucys facebook profile sending hate mail to everyone, they know it wasnt her but their just tierd of all her drama, they soon stop beying her friend and it turns into her beying bullied and self harming.


1. Hannah, your right.

First day of yr 11. Lucys been waiting for this year all her life,its the year where everything changes. She grows up, start to make up the rest of her life with the puzzle pieces shes been collecting all her life, she can finally put them together.

" I bet you shes going to mention it" Lucy turned to her friend, "no way, its the first day back she wouldnt be that mean" Their teatcher walks in as everyones laughing, she looks annoyed, but the class wont turn to notice. "May i have your attencion plese, this is your  GCSE year, you MUST listen" Lucy turned to her friend once more "Hannah, your right. shes did" Their teatcher walks towards them, "Excuse me Lucy, if you have the time to talk, i guess your gonna pass your GCSEs with A*. No ?? then listen"


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