Another love story..♥ (Trinity's life)

Trinity's love life isn't easy. She's into both boys and girls, and that can be a little hard sometimes. She really clumsy and unlucky. All in all - her life is really hard. Not even close to easy, never.
This is her story'diary thing. The story of her life, kinda..

- Most of it is made up but with inspiration from my life. U could say that she's kinda struggling with some of my problems but she's just more unlucky than i am :P


2. the start


»She was amazing, her hair, eyes, everything«


Ever since the first day she had laid her eyes on her, she had felt this weakness for her. When she heard her voice she couldn't concentrate. Not ever.
She was average height and looked amazing. Her hair was brown with blond stripes in her bangs and she had the most beautiful brown eyes. She had always found girls with brown hair and brown eyes to normal, almost boring, but this time it was different. She was so attractive and she couldn't resist her. It was like she was addicted to her.

Like she was an addict and that girl was her drug..

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