Another love story..♥ (Trinity's life)

Trinity's love life isn't easy. She's into both boys and girls, and that can be a little hard sometimes. She really clumsy and unlucky. All in all - her life is really hard. Not even close to easy, never.
This is her story'diary thing. The story of her life, kinda..

- Most of it is made up but with inspiration from my life. U could say that she's kinda struggling with some of my problems but she's just more unlucky than i am :P


7. james he's yours

Way you go girl! You got him. Go you.

We’re sweet together. People say that often, and I’m like - 'stop, don’t say that'.
And when we changed our relationship status on facebook, people were like - “congratulations.” “She’s so pretty.” “Great couple.” “Great score James.” “I’m so happy for you guys.”

I kinda love him.. but... but it.. it just feels so wrong. Like something isn't right. But maybe that's just 'cause it's new. I'll give it some time.

Actually we’re great together. He makes me happy and I make him happy. What could be better than that? Having her, yeah… but no… What was it you told yourself? She's never ever ever ever gonna fall for you - so just; STOP! Put your feelings for her in a tiny little box and throw it away, far far away.


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