Another love story..♥ (Trinity's life)

Trinity's love life isn't easy. She's into both boys and girls, and that can be a little hard sometimes. She really clumsy and unlucky. All in all - her life is really hard. Not even close to easy, never.
This is her story'diary thing. The story of her life, kinda..

- Most of it is made up but with inspiration from my life. U could say that she's kinda struggling with some of my problems but she's just more unlucky than i am :P


5. get her out

I just can’t stop staring at her at school… this sucks.
I'm thinking about her all the time and it drives me crazy. GET OUT OF MY HEAD WOMAN! I need to forget you, ‘cause it's never gonna happen anyway. You're never gonna be mine.

I need to find another one to obsess about. Someone I actually have a chance to get. Someone at my own level. People always say “shoot for the stars”, but not this time. I not gonna do that.

She would never fall for me anyway, so why hurt myself by thinking of her all the time. Forget her your idiot! Just forget her.
Look at yourself - you’re still a geek. If you ever gonna get her to fall for you, you have to change. Get good-looking and become attractive, and you know that’s never gonna happen either. She saw you as a geek and you can’t change that. A person doesn’t just forget their first impression. You know that. Just think about the people you judged the first time you met them. Do you still think the same way about them? Yeah you do. Realize it. If you can’t forget that, why would she change her mind about you? Yeah… true.


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