Another love story..♥ (Trinity's life)

Trinity's love life isn't easy. She's into both boys and girls, and that can be a little hard sometimes. She really clumsy and unlucky. All in all - her life is really hard. Not even close to easy, never.
This is her story'diary thing. The story of her life, kinda..

- Most of it is made up but with inspiration from my life. U could say that she's kinda struggling with some of my problems but she's just more unlucky than i am :P


6. finally moving on

She’s been thrown out your mind finally. That only took you 3 months. Good girl. You're now able to see things as they really are. Or something. Maybe  you should try with him, James, even though you found you last time when you were with Jacob, that you probably wasn't into guys. Maybe it was just Jacob that weren't the right one. Give boys another shoot baby.

James. He’s so sweet and funny. He makes you laugh and when you are around him, you feel kinda loved - you two must be a match. And if not. Yeah.. then there's just one thing to do. 

He's a good one. I won’t say perfect, ‘cause that would be a lie. Your need a girl if it was going to be perfect. You need her. Only her. Great now she’s on your mind again. Throw it away. NOW!

Okay, James. He’s a ginger I know. And you hate gingers but he’s sooo sweet and treats you well and actually has feelings for you too. Go for it girl! Go get him. Give it a shot. 
Okay me - I will.

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