Heartless -Harry Styles Love Story-

"Stop!" I yelled as I tried to push him off of me. He pushed down harder onto my small body. "Get off of me!" I yelled again. He ignored me and then tried to tape my mouth. "Somebody help me!" I yelled just in time before he ripped off a piece of duck tape and then very harshly put it on my mouth. I punched his stomach and he hit me. Hard on the head. Then everything went black. I couldn't see anything. "Hey!" I heard someone scream. "Get off of her!" Then I heard a loud rustling sound like two people fighting. Then it went silent. Someone picked up my torso and started to lightly shake me. "Wake up!" A man said. "Please wake up." He continued for about 5 minutes. "I need to get you to a hospital. Everything will be alright." He said and then picked me up in his arms and carried me. -©Copyright 2012-


5. Chapter 3


          I woke up around 7:30 and hopped into the shower. I took a quick one. I stepped out and then knelt my head down, letting my wet hair drip on the towel that I laid down on the floor. I then wrapped my hair up with the towel that I had hanging on the towel rack beside me. I grabbed another towel and wrapped that one around my body. I walked over to the mirror and took a close look at myself. Zits and pimples were starting to appear. My nose looked overly sized. Wrinkles were formed in the middle of my forehead. And it looks like my eye brows were out of place. I hate everything about myself. I wish I was more like Kayla. Kayla has always been the 'pretty' one in the school. She is absolutely flawless. She always had more friends than me. But she would never consider herself popular. As she would say.            I pulled away from the mirror, pushing away the thoughts. I quickly ran out of the bathroom and across the hall to my bedroom. It was still quiet in the house since I woke up. Which most likely means that Kayla was still sleeping. I closed my door and then took off my towel that I had wrapped around me and dried myself up and then let it fall to the ground as I finished up. Then I took out the towel that was intertwined with my hair. I went to my closet and grabbed [this] outfit to wear for the day. After I finished getting dressed, I walked down the hall and to the guest room that Kayla was sleeping in. I quietly turned the knob on the door and pushed it open a little. Kayla was laying on her stomach, snoring. I walked over to the bed and shook her a little.           "Wake up." I whispered.           She didn't budge. I shook her again.           "Wake up!" This time, I screamed.           "What!?" She said as she shot out of bed.           "It's time to get up." I said as I pulled the blankets off of her.           "Why? What are we doing today?" She asked with a blank expression on her face.           "Shopping."            "Shopping?"           "Shopping." I confirmed once again.           "Okay then.." She said, confused.           "Be ready in 10 minutes or I will leave without you."           With that said I left her room, closing the door behind me. I walked back to my room and grabbed my jacket and the keys to my car. And just as I was going to walk out the door of my room, my phone rang. I ran back over to my night stand and picked my phone up. I looked at the screen and it said 'Unknown'. I clicked the green button to answer it and put my phone up to my ear.            "Hello?" I said into the phone.           "Um.." A husky British voice said back into the phone.     
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