Heartless -Harry Styles Love Story-

"Stop!" I yelled as I tried to push him off of me. He pushed down harder onto my small body. "Get off of me!" I yelled again. He ignored me and then tried to tape my mouth. "Somebody help me!" I yelled just in time before he ripped off a piece of duck tape and then very harshly put it on my mouth. I punched his stomach and he hit me. Hard on the head. Then everything went black. I couldn't see anything. "Hey!" I heard someone scream. "Get off of her!" Then I heard a loud rustling sound like two people fighting. Then it went silent. Someone picked up my torso and started to lightly shake me. "Wake up!" A man said. "Please wake up." He continued for about 5 minutes. "I need to get you to a hospital. Everything will be alright." He said and then picked me up in his arms and carried me. -©Copyright 2012-


4. Chapter 2


 "You have got to be kidding me!" Kayla yelled as she saw what was inside the box. It was just a bunch of old family photos stacked inside.            I pulled them out one by one and scattered them on the floor in a panicked way.           "There has got to be something in here!" I yelled.           "There's nothing in here except these stupid family pictures." Kayla said in an annoyed tone as she took the box from me and turned it upside down to show me that there was nothing else in the box.            I put my head in the palm of my hands. We almost killed ourselves from jumping out of the window of that house and we still didn't get anything from it. Then I remembered that there was another box on the same shelf in the closet. We must have grabbed the wrong box. I shot my head right up.            "What?" Kayla asked?           "There was another box in the closet." I told her. "We must have grabbed the wrong one!"           "So... What are you saying?" She asked me.           "I'm saying that we should go back tomorrow night and grab the other box." I said in a serious tone of voice.           "ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Kayla yelled after she shot right up and off of the couch. "I'm not going back into that house."           "Fine. I'll go alone."           I could instantly see a wave of guilt flood down her face.            "You can't go alone. I will go with you then." She said as she pouted. "But we are only going in there, grabbing the stupid box and coming straight out."           "Okay." I said and then smiled.           Then she got up and started walking to the door.           "Where are you going?" I asked while following her.           "Home?" She said with an attitude.           "You can't go home now. It's midnight and it's dark out." I stated. "Just stay here for the night."         "Fine."           Then we both headed upstairs to my room.            "Where am I going to sleep?" She asked while looking around my room.           "There's a guest bedroom down the hall. You could sleep there if you want." I said while taking off my jacket and slipping off my shoes.           Kayla rolled her eyes and walked out of my room.            "First door on the left!" I yelled after her.           Then I let out a laugh. No matter how much we annoyed each other we would always be best friends.            I hopped into bed, shut the light off, and then got under the covers. I didn't feel like getting into my pajamas. I was too tired to do anything else. And besides, I need the sleep.   *Kayla's P.O.V.*             I rolled my eyes and then exited her room and headed down the hall. I went to the first room on the left like she said. I opened the door to the bedroom and there was a huge bed that was in the off to the side in the back. I dropped my on the floor and flopped down on the bed.            I let out a sigh and then starred at the ceiling for a while. Then I pulled out my phone that was sitting in my pocket. I had a text message. It was from Jake. Jake was one of my ex boyfriends. He cheated on me with one of my friends. Well now I should say my 'ex' friend. Ever since I caught him cheating on me, I haven't been the same. I get depressed a lot too.      From: Jake Baby, Can you please give me another chance? I love you!             "UGHH!" I let out to myself. I don't want to say yes because I'm afraid he will hurt me again and cheat on me. As they say, 'Once a cheater, always a cheater.'     To: Jake No.             I shed a tear as I shut off my phone. Not wanting to know what his response would be. I shouldn't be crying! I thought to myself. This is a big accomplishment for me. To get over the ones who hurt me. I set my phone on the bed stand that was next to the bed. I took off my shoes and put them neatly against the wall of the room and took off my sweat shirt and laid it on top of my shoes. Then I got under the covers and turned on my side to get in my comfort zone. I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.  
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