Love isn't easy

Ali Pent is abused and runs away from her home.
Having no-where to go, she walks all night, taking busses and trains to wherever fate takes her. She arives in Chesire and runs into a familiar looking face.
Will he take her to his house and get her settled in? Read to find out more.


2. The journey

Ali's P.O.V
I jumped from the window.
I had planned this day for a while, and knew sooner or later I would come up to it.
I landed on the trampoline we had under my window. You see, I had pushed it there the day before, just incase I went with it.

I quickly climbed off and ran faster than I ever had before, well as fast as I could with bags.
Because I wasn't 17 yet, I couldn't drive but as soon as I turn it next month I plan on getting lessons. That's if I can find someone and somewhere to stay with.
I went into town and caught the bus that went furthest away from here. It cost a fair bit but I was happy to be getting away. I noticed that Dan was running towards the bus. I quickly got up and ran to the front.
'Quick please don't let that man on. Please please please'
I begged the driver.
'What ever you say darling'
'Thank you so much sir'
'No worries'
I sighed in relief and went to my seat.
Dan climbed on and pointed to me.
'Ali! There you are, I have you now'
He tried to push past the driver but he was stopped.
'Sir I cannot let you on this bus without a ticket and I have none left so if you don't mind, get off or I'll call the police.'
'Move!' Dan shouted.
I noticed that the man infront of me was calling 999
'Hello?' He said.
'Yes... Bus 111... Okay... Bye...'
He hung up and I smiled at him.
'Thank you sir'
'For what I'm being a good person'
'For saving my life'
'Oh. I think I understand'
'Yes. Can I sit with you until the police get here. You seem kind enough.'
I climbed over the seat and sat there until the police got here.
Dan had been held back so luckily he couldn't get to me while we waited.
The police took him away.
'I'll get ya Ali!' He shouted.

The bus started and the people around me cheered a bit. They seemed to be glad we were moving and that the 'crazy man' was gone.
We arrived in a small town an hour away from where I lived and I got off and thanked the man once again.
'Bye Ali. Hope to see ya around?'
'Yeah Oliver. Bye'
He seemed so kind.
I noticed a train station nearby and walked over with my bags and suitcases.
When I got in I paid for the cheapest ticket and soon the train arrived. I climbed on and put my bags on the over head carrier.
Because it was going to be a four hour trip I wanted to get some sleep. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

'In two minutes we will e arriving. Please gather your belongings and don't stand up until we say. Thank you' the speaker blared around the carriage.
I noticed the train pulling into a town called Chesire. I smiled to myself because I knew this was where the boy of my dreams

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Sorry that its all stuck together my phone is a bit messed up at the moment. :D thanks guys xxx
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