Love isn't easy

Ali Pent is abused and runs away from her home.
Having no-where to go, she walks all night, taking busses and trains to wherever fate takes her. She arives in Chesire and runs into a familiar looking face.
Will he take her to his house and get her settled in? Read to find out more.


3. Are You Okay?

Ali's P.O.V
I got off the train, carrying my bags and suitcases with me.
I had just enough money for a taxi and the first one I saw, I called for it.
The man driving, saw me and pulled over.
'Hello.' I said through the window.
'Hello darling what can I do for you?' he asked back.
'Well, I was wondering. How far can six pound fifty take me?'
'Not very far I'm afraid. From here to about fifteen minutes away I'm afraid'
'Thats fine thanks. Can I take that offer?'
'Sure. Where are we off too. But remember I can only take you as far as I can'
'Umm anywhere'
I opened the door, chucked my bags in and hopped in.

-- 15 minutes later --
'I'm sorry but this is as far as I can take you' the taxi driver said, pulling up onto the edge of the footpath.
'Thats fine. Thank you very much.'
He smiled and I smiled back, climbing out and grabbing my bags.
'Bye' I said and shut the door.
He drove away and I started to walk.
After around half an hour my feet were getting tired and my leg was seriously starting to hurt. I must of hit it when I jumped, I thought to my self.
I looked down at the path that led past Starbucks as I was walking and soon I bumped into someone who spilt coffee all over me.
'OW!' I yelped in pain, from the contact of the burning hot liquid that peirced my arm.
'Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?' The strannmger said.
'Yes I'm fine thanks. It's my fault, I should've been looking.'
'No. It's my fault.'
I looked up at the person talking to me and saw he had emerald green eyes, and chocolate brown hair, which was slightly curly and swept along his forehead.
I gasped and fell silent.
'Oh. Are you okay?' He said to me.
'What? Oh yeah thanks.... Umm.. What's your name?'
'You don't know?'
Of course I did. It was Harry.
'Yes I do. Isn't it something like Harry?'
He laughed.
'Yes it is' he smiled at me.
'I know. My names Ali by the way. Short for Alice'
'Alice... Alice... That's a lovely name'
I blushed and looked down to my arm which was a bright red from the coffee burn. I remembered and squealed. Harry looked at my arm and gasped.
'Come with me. The boys can wait for the coffee' he took my bags and and led me to his car that was parked outside the shop.
'Oh no. I couldn't do that'
'Yes you could. Now get I'm the front'
I did as I was told and sat down in the passenger seat.
He sat next to me and started driving.
'So tell me about yourself...'

Sorry it's so short. Thanks readers. Please tell me if I should update and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Xx
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