Love isn't easy

Ali Pent is abused and runs away from her home.
Having no-where to go, she walks all night, taking busses and trains to wherever fate takes her. She arives in Chesire and runs into a familiar looking face.
Will he take her to his house and get her settled in? Read to find out more.


1. Abuse

Love isn't easy

Chapter 1 - Abuse

Ali's P.O.V

'Ali, you better get down here right now!' my step-dad, Dan yelled from downstairs. I ignored him but soon could hear footsteps stomping up the stairs. My door flew open and he burst into the room.
'I said, go down stairs!' he shouted louder than last time. I dropped my pen which I was using to write my essay with and stood up.
I was shaking alot and knew what he could do to me. Ever since my mother died in a house fire, he thought it was okay to abuse me.
As I was walking, I say walking but mean stumbling to the door, he hit me in the stomach.
'Don't ignore me again young lady'

'Yes Dan'

'What did you say?'

'Da... D... Dad'

'Hmph, I know you said Dan' and he hit me again.

I crouched over clutching my stomach where he hit me.

'Get up!' He yelled.
I slowly stood up and made my way to the door, stepping away from him as I did so.

As soon as I was out the room I ran down the stairs and out the front door.
I bolted to the back of the house and climbed up the tall tree towering, next to the house. I crouched there as Dan walked out.
'Where are you Ali?' he shouted, 'I know you're here!'

I silently looked around for an escape.
It was so hot out so I had my window open. I started to crawl along the braches when I slipped and made a sound.

'Found you!'

I crawled along the branch and into the window, slamming it shut as I got in. I ran to my door and locked it tight making sure Dan couldn't get in. Then I got my chair and put it under the handle just to be safe. I started packing my bags and could hear yelling and pounding.

'Ali! Open this door right now or I'll break it down.'

I chucked my things quickly into my bags and took my money.
My door shook and I thought he was in. Luckily the chair kept him our but that didn't stop him from trying again.
I went to my closet and got my suitcases, grabbing all my clothes and threw them on my bed.
I ran to my chest and pushed it against the door, buying me a bit more time.
I emptied it then put all my clothes and things in my suitcases and bags and when I was done my room looked empty.
Dan was still banging against the door but then it stopped. I went to my window and opened it, just as the chest fell over.
The door burst open just as I jumped from the window.
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