It's 4050 and the world has had to revert back to basics. Kacela is possibly the best huntress and hired asassin in the entire of Escocia. The country is alive with thieves, killers, and hunters. A new sickness known as the Mal Plague is striking Escocia, and the people are dropping like flies. The only way to stay immune is to stay away......


7. Maighread and Ignis




'What do you want, girl?'

Kacela had decided to get away. Far away. And the only way in Escocia to get away quickly is by horse.

Maighread Equus was a crabby old lady, with a lined face and a back hunched with age. She had frazzled grey hair in a windswept bun, bulbous eyes and was extremely short. She owned a small set of stables, filled with everything from fine racehorses to plodding Shetlands to a single, ancient donkey called Morag.

Maighread emerged from the shadows in the corner, casting a wary eye over Kacela. Kacela was a regular customer of Maighread's, but it Maighread knew Kacela was an asassin, and was still a little nervous.

'I need a horse,' Kacela began.

'Well, what did you come here for? Iter eggs?' chuckled Maighread.

Kacela scowled. 'A racehorse,' she snapped. 'Finest you've got. Can bear some weight but still go like the wind.'

'Ah,' said Maighread, and hobbled over to a stable on the end. 'Then Ignis is probably the best. But good luck taming him - he threw me off first time I sat on him!'

Kacela stared, enchanted, at the horse. Tall and sleek with a glossy black coat, Ignis was the most stunning horse she had ever laid eyes on, with enormous brown eyes framed with long lashes. She reached forward and caressed his silky nose. Ignis froze, then suddenly relaxed. He nuzzled against her hand, snorting softly.

'Well I'll be blowed,' breathed Maighread. 'He took to you right away, he did!'

'How much?' Kacela said suddenly. 'With tack. Not to borrow.'

'Not to borrow, you say?' wheezed Maighread thoughtfully, stroking her chin. She considered. 'Fifteen hundred Lamna, to keep. You can have the tack as well.'

'Deal,' said Kacela, before the crone could change her mind.

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