It's 4050 and the world has had to revert back to basics. Kacela is possibly the best huntress and hired asassin in the entire of Escocia. The country is alive with thieves, killers, and hunters. A new sickness known as the Mal Plague is striking Escocia, and the people are dropping like flies. The only way to stay immune is to stay away......


11. Laine and the Room

'I'd like to exchange Lamna for Pecunia,' said Kacela sharply, sitting down opposite Tobius.

'Would you, eh?' grunted the filthy old man. His beard was matted and grimy. His clothes were raggedy. His eyes were milky, and he gave off a foul stench. 'How much?'

'13000,' said Kacela quietly. No point doing things by halves - she'd better exchange her entire stockpile now.

Tobius breathed in sharply, then whistled. '13000,' he said wonderingly. 'You rich?'

Kacela shrugged. 'In some ways.'

Slowly, Tobius reached into his jacket pocket and spilled a large quantity of silver coins over the small table. On closer inspection, they were indeed Pecunia - the illustration of the bow and arrow etched onto the front of each one confirmed it. Lamna were gold coins, with an engraving of a dragon.

Kacela calculated by volume, size, and value how many were on the table. 13000 exactly. Tobius must be rich himself.

Kacela pulled fistfuls of Lamna from her bag and handed them to Tobius. Tobius caressed the front of the coins in wonder. 'Dragons,' he whispered. 'Gold.'

Kacela ignored him, collected up the Pecunia, and strode over to the barwoman again.

'Once more - the smallest room and some weak beer, please,' she said,  dumping forty two Pecunia on the bar.

'That's better,' the barwoman chuckled. She walked out from behind the bar, adding, 'the name's Laine, by the way.'

Laine led Kacela up the rickety stairs in the corner and onto a cobwebbed landing. She showed Kacela into a small single bedroom, whitewashed, with thick white covers on the bed and a dark wood floor. It was small but cosy with a roaring fire in the grate.

'Here's your beer, too,' Laine said finally, put the tankard down on the small table, and walked out, back down to the bar.

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