It's 4050 and the world has had to revert back to basics. Kacela is possibly the best huntress and hired asassin in the entire of Escocia. The country is alive with thieves, killers, and hunters. A new sickness known as the Mal Plague is striking Escocia, and the people are dropping like flies. The only way to stay immune is to stay away......


14. Fire

Glenna turned out to be a surprisingly good companion. She knew of poisonous berries and plants, and also which ones were safe to eat. When Kacela finally let her have one of her swords to borrow, Glenna threw it directly into the throat of a squirrel. It was clear she knew how to throw knives. And hunt - Glenna had, incredibly, fashioned her own bow and arrows from wood and stringy bark from the forest, and Kacela watched, enchanted, as Glenna took down four pigeons and a rabbit with one shot each in the space of twenty-five seconds.

Amicably, they sat down and skinned the squirrel, rabbit and pigeons. Kacela was good at skinning animals - she'd done it enough times in Escocia - but Glenna did it so quickly and cleanly it was certain that she had been living off berries, nuts, edible plants, and forest meat, for quite some time.

Kacela started up a decent fire on the forest floor, and the threaded the meat onto sharp sticks then propped them over the fire, slowly turning them until well-cooked. The smoky birds and squirrel and even the rabbit were surprisingly delicious, and Kacela felt drowsy. Trusting Glenna to stay awake, Kacela closed her eyes and fell asleep, her cheek pressed into Ignis's belly.



Kacela's nose twitched.



Her eyes flew open and her vision engulfed in flames.

Sitting up in panic, Kacela twisted round and found Glenna, fast asleep, resting against Ignis. Curse you, Glenna of the Forest! her mind screamed. They had not stamped out the fire properly, and now the entire forest was engulfed in dancing fire and thick smoke. Burning branches fell with thuds and continued to burn on the forest floor. Coughing, Kacela scrambled up and kicked Ignis hard.

Ignis started awake, standing immediately. He cast his nervous head over the surroundings. Heat. Black fog. Danger.

Ignis's sudden change of position meant Glenna's head hit the floor instantly, jerking her awake. One look at the burning trees and she began screaming.

'SHUT UP!' snarled Kacela, hoisting herself up onto the horse. Glenna scrambled up after her, but Kacela roughly pushed her back off. 'Stay with your dear forest and watch it burn!' she screamed at the shocked girl, then galloped off on Ignis. Fury pulsed through her. Glenna had put them in danger. Glenna had fallen asleep. Glenna had stolen her food. Glenna had laid down her head, knowing the fire wasn't out. Knowing that she would sleep. Knowing that she could kill everyone.

Needless to say, Kacela did not forgive and forget.

Broken branches, thick with flames, would fall in their path, but Ignis would leap over like the prize racehorse he was and carry on, even faster.

The end of the forest was in sight. Kacela and Ignis would be safe.

As they galloped into the open and pulled to a stop, a mass of auburn hair and dirty clothes dropped from a single overhead branch that hadn't been burnt yet, directly in front of them.

Glenna straightened up, brushing herself off. Her eyes were hard.

'Try it, scarlet ninja,' she growled. She was weilding the sword Kacela had let her borrow. 'Just try it.'

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