It's 4050 and the world has had to revert back to basics. Kacela is possibly the best huntress and hired asassin in the entire of Escocia. The country is alive with thieves, killers, and hunters. A new sickness known as the Mal Plague is striking Escocia, and the people are dropping like flies. The only way to stay immune is to stay away......


6. Corpses

Every time Kacela walked down the street, she would see bodies in the gutter, marked with the Plague. Large purple "X"s would appear on front doors, signalling an inhabitant was sick.

There was no doubt. This was another epidemic.

She was kept in trade though - the Plague killed, but there were still plenty of people willing to pay for her to bump off someone a little more quickly. Every other night she would go undetected into a bedchamber and swiftly, silently asassinate. She would go to her employer's house and collect her payment. Fifteen hundred Lamna was now a steady stream.

Occasionally, though, she would find the person she was sent to kill had already passed on due to the Mal Plague. Instead of leaving, she would carefully slice the body to make it look like she had killed before the Plague had invaded, then pick up her Lamna as usual. It was clever. So many victims had died from the Plague before she could get to them, she had no trouble simply doing a little chopping.

Eventually, the pockmarked corpses filled the streets. Rats and flies were in their element, feasting on the abandoned piles of bodies, and soon the bellies of the dead became swollen with maggots. So many flies swarmed through the streets Kacela regularly found herself taking off the peasant headscarf and winding it round her face.

However calm she looked, Kacela was worried. Plague victims had began spreading near her home, and soon, she knew, if she didn't go, the Mal Plague would catch her.

Kacela couldn't afford that. Asassins needed their wits about them. Hallucinations, telltale marks, and a fuggy mind were the last things she needed. People would be less willing to employ. Worse still, when she was about to finish off a target, what if she suddenly collapsed and began screaming at things that weren't there? She pursed her lips. If she did that, she would be found, captured and executed for sure.

But Escocia was now rife with the disease.

She had to get out.


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