It's 4050 and the world has had to revert back to basics. Kacela is possibly the best huntress and hired asassin in the entire of Escocia. The country is alive with thieves, killers, and hunters. A new sickness known as the Mal Plague is striking Escocia, and the people are dropping like flies. The only way to stay immune is to stay away......


1. Death and Kacela

The most popular asassin in the country of Escocia is famed for wearing a red ninja suit.

A scarlet ninja was crawling across the roof of Mayor Malum's luxurious stately home. Carefully she lowered herself over the edge until she was dangling by her fingers. If she let go she'd plummet about fifty metres down to the ground and kill herself against the paving. But the asassin moved with such ease you had the feeling she had done this many times before.

The window was too far away. Kacela could see inside through the gap in her cloth ninja mask, she could see the elderly Mayor Malum reclining against the pillows on his four-poster. But asassins never think of their victims as people. They think of them as targets.

Grinding her teeth, Kacela began to swing herself. Gently at first, then harder, until she was swirling through the air. She suddenly released her fingers, flew forwards, and landed like a cat on the white outer windowsill. Gently, she eased up the open window and slipped inside, melting instantly into the shadows. The Mayor had fallen asleep.

Fatal mistake.

Silently drawing her samurai swords, Kacela padded over to the bed and raised the blades, glinting silver in the soft lamp light. She brought them down so quickly she cut Mayor Malum cleanly into three equal pieces, barely even smearing her swords with blood. Kacela wiped them clean against her suit before sheathing them. That's the useful thing about red. It hides bloodstains.

After staring coldly down at the corpse one last time, the asassin turned and slid out the open window.

Early the next morning, the Mayor's personal maid ran screaming to the kitchen that Kacela had murdered him in the night.


'Good job.'

'Thank you. And my money?'

'Right here. Fifteen hundred Lamna.'

Kacela took the small, heavy black case. Opening it, her asassin's eyes scanned the piles of golden coins, immediately assessing them as roughly fifteen hundred. She closed it and looked pleasantly up at her employer.


Without another word, Kacela turned and walked away from Mayor Malum's son, the case tucked securely under one arm. With the Mayor dead, his son would quickly take his place.

Family in Escocia counted as nothing against power, money, and survival.

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