A Thousand Years

Elizabeth Matthews, a girl from a remote village in the mountains of Cumbria, is a quiet 16 year old girl who is in year 11, studying for her GCSE's.
When she meets a mysterious outsider, Dominic, she finally feels she is loved, but is she?
She leaves her village in the mountainous reigon of Cumbria with Dominic, but has she made the right choice?


2. Two

My brain was telling me to run, but I  ignored it. I was curious to know what happened, but I was having second thoughts. I glanced back and realised the alley way was nowhere to be seen, I was lost in a scary place like this.

Another scream - different to the one before but still a female scream. I wanted to see what was happening, I was desperate to see who these people were. However, I knew that I was putting my life on the line.

Further in front of me was some sort of black figure. What was it? I stepped closer.

I recognised the shape from about 10 paces ahead of where I heard the last scream. It was the new boy.

The new boy was surrounded by corpses of two girls, about my age. They were the screaming girls.

I edged away but he caught me by the arm in a flash. I was pulling away as hard as I could, looking away as I daren't look into his eyes: he might be a demon or something. Pull harder, you can escape, I thought to myself. I looked up at him as if to say please let me go, but then I saw blood dripping from his mouth. Vampire.

'Get off me, you monster,'I tried to shout but it only came across as a whisper.

'Not until you give your word that you won't tell anyone about what I am.' He put his lips to my neck and pushed his teeth against my skin as a reminder of what he was. His skin was as cold as a block of ice. 'Say it.' He pushed harder, and that time it hurt like hell.

'Ok, you have my word, but just asnwer this. Why do you keep ignoring me? I mean when I saw you in class, I greeted you and you ignored me,' I was almost shouting in desperation to get away from him.

'I ignore you for your safety. I got annoyed with you the moment you walked into that classroom,' he whispered in a soothing voice.

'But I want to know why you get annoyed at me, especially when you don't even know my name,' I was shouting again, he was really irritating me now.

'Yes I do, Elizabeth Matthews. Everyone who walked in that room, I could smell their blood type, which leads to what they are feeling and thinking. But you, you have this rare type that makes it impossible to read your thoughts and feelings. I know it sounds weird and stalker-like but it makes me frustrated to see somebody that I can't save if they're in danger and they're keeping it to themselves.'

'Ok thats explained but why did you kill these girls, are they a rare blood type too?'

'No they aren't, they just resisted my power to make me clueless and then stake me, not very helpful but I had to deal with it my way,' he was very calm now, but I saw him writhe in pain for a moment then fall to the ground. The girls had successed in staking him, I thought when I saw a hole no bigger than a two pence peice, in his back - and it was burning.

I wrapped the hole up with my jacket and rolled him over. His eyes were closed but suddenly opened. Hints of liquid red surrounded his pupil. Not a good sign. I backed up a bit, giving him space to get up.

He caught my arm and raised it to his lips. For a moment I thought he was going to bite me.

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