A Thousand Years

Elizabeth Matthews, a girl from a remote village in the mountains of Cumbria, is a quiet 16 year old girl who is in year 11, studying for her GCSE's.
When she meets a mysterious outsider, Dominic, she finally feels she is loved, but is she?
She leaves her village in the mountainous reigon of Cumbria with Dominic, but has she made the right choice?


1. One

I sat there on the evening before my mock GCSE's, worrying weather or not I'd done enough studying to get me the grades I wanted. I come from an upper class family so my mother and father had extremely high expectations of my grades, even the ones that don't really matter that much, like the mocks. My set goal was A's and A*'s across the board, pretty high huh?

'Elizabeth, your supper is ready, can you come downstairs please.' I obeyed mother's orders but didn't say much during dinner. I didn't really have a very close relationship with my parents as they were always working; Mother in an international jewellers that she set up and father is an architect.


The next morning, I arrived in English ready for my exams. I was a little late but when I got there, this handsom guy was sitting next to my seat. Thoughts were running through my head like athletes passing on the 100 meter sprint. Who was he? Why is he here on the day of exams?

'Hey, are you the new kid?' I asked but he ignored me, even though the test hadn't even started.

After I sat down, I tried to forget he was there, but he was always there in the corner of my mind. I couldn't concentrate on my exam properly, it was almost like he was invading my mind.

Once I had finished, I handed my paper in to the tutor, who dismissed me, and I headed straight to room 110, which I believed was his form room. Of course I didn't enter as there was a class so I waited outside for him to come.

Within a few minutes, he arrived, glanced at me and dissapeared into the classroom in a flash of light. What was his problem? Why would he dislike me when he doesn't even know me? I tried to find him to ask him what was the matter but he was nowhere to be found.


I made my way home after my maths class, keeping a look out for the mysterious guy in my class. I saw him walking home on his own behind me, his mind set on where he wanted to go. He walked straight past me without a glance back and made a sharp turn into an alleyway covered with lots of dead weeds, trees and bushes masking its entrace. I decided to follow him as nobody ever came down here, it was a bit odd.

If he was walking at human speed, he would've only been half way down the side walk but no, he wasn't anywhere in sight. So I walked, deeper and deeper into the alley until I saw this dark forest.

There was a sound of footsteps on the leaves in the forest, but then it just stopped and a whooshing sound was the only thing that was heard. As I got deeper, the quieter it got, which was weird because when you walk into the place, it's sound gets louder. When I was deep enough inside the forest I stopped and listened. Silence.

Suddenly, there was a scream.

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