My Brother Niall Horan

Hi i'm Star Horan i'm 18 years old i have long brown hair yes don't freak out i'm Niall Horan's sister we kinda fight because i have a crush on Harry and Niall's a bit angry because he thinks he'll brake my heart ....Will Harry brake Star's heart reed this and found out


2. I'm sorry

Star:Mum What am I going to do

''I will try and convince him that I'm ok with it

Harry'spov:I ring Louis but it wasn't Louis who picked up it was Niall


Niall:You know I'm not happy with you

Harry:did you listen to your mum!!!

Niall:don't you Fucking tell me what to do

Harry:Your Mum is ok with Star Being Pregnant

Niall:yeah I know that I'm sorry harry

Harry:it's ok we are coming back home tomorrow

Niall: alright but how Will. You tell Paul

Harry:I'll tell him when we get back home

Niall:ok mate bye


''Star Niall said Sorry we are going home tomorrow''

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