My Brother Niall Horan

Hi i'm Star Horan i'm 18 years old i have long brown hair yes don't freak out i'm Niall Horan's sister we kinda fight because i have a crush on Harry and Niall's a bit angry because he thinks he'll brake my heart ....Will Harry brake Star's heart reed this and found out


1. Harry's my Boyfirend and i think i'm Pregnant

StarsPov:I Wake up this morning rush to the bathroom and vomit then i have a flash back from last night i had sex with Harry then i hear voices OMG Niall's here oh no he can't know i'm dating Harry he'll flip and i tell him we had sex and i have morning sickness and i think i'm pregnant he'll definitely beat Harry up he has already  told him to stay away form me but we couldn't stay away we love each other to much

NiallsPov:''Harry you got lucky last night didn't you can i meet the lucky girl''

HarrysPov:OH my god i heard Star vomit i hope she's not Pregnant ''rm Niall you know the girl i'm dating

Niall'sPov:I grab Harry by the neck then i hear Star shout Niall ''get your hands off him''  ''No i wont i told him to stay the hell away form you'' ''Well i love him Niall" Harry runs over to star are u ok i heard you vomit did he just say vomit star we had sex last night with out a condom you might be pregnant did i just hear pregnant i shout God Niall shut up i hear Star say

HarrysPov:Shes Pregnant omg i'm going to be  a dad come here baby girl i love you

Star'sPov:I Love you to Harry pulls me into i deep kiss

NiallsPov:i grab Star and pull her into the car and mumble to myself he's a FuckingManWhore! ''WHAT'' i hear star say before i could drive Harry opens the car door and puts her im his car HARRY STYLES BRING MY SISTER BACK NOW!! then i see harry give her 2 tickets and her passport and drive off i grab out my phone and phone Liam

Liam:Hey Man whats up


Liam:Calm down tell your mum and i'll get paul to track him down ok phone you later bye

Niall hangs up the phone

Niall Phones his mum up

Niall:Mum Harry took Star

Mum:Niall i know i'm going to be a Nanna

Niall:she told you

Mum:Yeah Harry Ask me first if they could make a baby i told them they could

Niall:Mum Harry will brake her heart

mum hang up the phone




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