Forever & Always

19 Year old Addie's dreams finally come true. She marries the man of her dreams. When things take a turn, well, you never know that happens in the life of a rock star.


6. Really?!


“Hello?” Joe had answered the phone on the way home. I was half asleep in the car on the way home from the doctor’s visit. “Yeah let us get home and eat something first.”

“Where were y’all?” I heard Nick ask on the other line.

“Well Addie got up violently sick so I took her to the doctor. I’ll tell you more when we get over there. She’s asleep right now and I don’t wanna wake her.” Joe was so sweet. We never had a fight…ever. I don’t know if he really agreed with me all the time or if he was just saying I was right so we wouldn’t fight. “Addie, sweetheart, we’re home.” I hadn’t realized I was not in the car. I was in Joe’s arms bridal style. I guess he didn’t wanna wake me up. Like I said Joe was sleep. He made us both a grilled cheese with tomato soup for lunch while I changed into my pink tank top and my black yoga pants with the pink waistband. I felt arms around me as I was taking off my makeup. Joe. He wrapped his arms around my waist and let his hands stop on my stomach. “Lunch is ready, love,” he whispered in my ear. I finished taking off my makeup thinking that I was just going to Leah’s house and that she has seen me without makeup many times before so it didn’t matter. I followed Joe down the stairs to the bar at the counter in the kitchen. We sat and ate in silence with the occasional glance out of the corner of the eye. He finished before me. He always did. When I finished, he wouldn’t let me clean up. So I sat and watched him wash the dishes and throw suds at me. I finally gave in and got up to throw suds back at him. His phone started to ring again. He sighed and answered it. It was Nick asking how long it took to eat lunch. They hung up. “Let’s go. Nick is getting antsy.” Joe grabbed my hand and we were out the door.

Within 30 seconds, Joe and I were standing at Nick and Leah’s door. Joe rang the doorbell and Elvis, their golden retriever, was barking at the door with his tail wagging. Nick beat Leah to the door. Joe and Nick went upstairs to plan and Leah and I sat at the kitchen table.

“Do you have a color scheme picked out?” I asked her.

“Um I think I would like a red…not red red but like a crimson red.” She smiled at me.

“ROLL TIDE!!” We both yelled.

“I kinda miss Alabama but I’m happy to be here with Joe,” I told her.

Sidetracked again. We never get anything done when it’s the two of us. I was wondering what our guys were doing upstairs. She and I went upstairs to get them to help. When we found them, they were in the recording studio as usual. They didn’t turn the sound off in the studio so we heard them talking.

“Nick, I’m not ready for this. I’m 23. This is all a mistake. I love her but we just got married. We’re about to tour again…” Joe was stressed out.

“So?” Nick questioned.  

He shrugged his shoulders. He looked as if he didn’t care. I was getting upset. I looked at Leah with tears starting to fill my eyes. ‘Did he not want the baby?’ I thought, ‘was he lying to me earlier?’ I dropped the binder I was holding and ran down the stairs and to my house crying. I got to my room and shut and locked the door.

*text convo*

Joe: Addie…
Joe: Baby, answer me.
Joe: Open the door please.
Me: you know where the key is. Leave me be.
Joe: Baby, I’m sorry.
Me: No. If you were, you wouldn’t have said it.

He didn’t answer me. I texted Leah, hoping for some advice.

Me: Help?
Leah: Need us to come over?
Me: Please. I said ‘leave me be’ and he keeps texting me.
Leah: When you left, I guess he heard the book hit the floor and he got up and gave a look of regret. He ran after you…
Me: Still should’ve never been said.
Leah: I know. But we will be there in 2 seconds…literally.

“Joe, just give her some time,” I heard Nick say. They were standing right outside my bedroom door. “Give Leah the key so she can talk to Addie.” 

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