Forever & Always

19 Year old Addie's dreams finally come true. She marries the man of her dreams. When things take a turn, well, you never know that happens in the life of a rock star.


17. Old Friends

I put my feet up on the dash of Joe’s new car and leaned back in the seat. Joe reached over and put his hand on my knee. We had been in the car for about 30 minutes now so I decided to get comfortable.
“Where are we going?” I asked him with a smile on my face. He looked at me and smiled his evil smile.
“You’ll see.” I hated it when he kept secrets from me. “We have about another 18 and a half hours, baby.” I closed my eyes for the rest of the drive. His hand stayed on my knee. When the accident happened, I was afraid to let him drive because I didn’t want him to get hurt, but I realized that I can’t keep him from driving because he is stubborn like that. I was fine with him driving now. All his injuries had been healed for quite a while now and he is a careful driver, so I trust him.
“Addie! Pass the ball!” I heard. There was a boy with glasses waiting on me to pass him the soccer ball. We were on a soccer field in the middle of practice. My dad was the coach, so he was yelling at me to pass the ball. I kicked the ball to the boy in the glasses. I looked down and saw that my feet were a kids size 2 again. I was 8 years old playing soccer on my old team. Wait, I remember this. The next thing I knew was that we were loading up the car and the boy was riding with us home. His dad was working and his mom was watching the baby. This boy looked older than me. He looked about 12.
“So Joe, how are things at home?” my dad asked him.
*End Dream*
I woke up and gasped. I scared Joe. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked with a worried look.
“I had a weird dream. I think it was a flash back.”
“What was it?”
“Um I was 8 again. And I was on the soccer field where my dad coached. He was yelling at me to pass the ball to a boy with glasses that was much taller than me…” I paused for a second. “We had to take the boy home because his mom was watching the baby and his dad was at work. Anyways, dad turned around and said…” ‘It can’t be,’ I thought.  I looked over to Joe who looked like he was pulling up a memory.
“So Joe, how are things at home?” Joe finished my sentence. “No…” I texted my dad.
*Test Conversation*
Me: Hey, Dad, I have a question.
Daddy: Yeah?
Me: When I was 8 and playing soccer, did we ever bring a boy home that had glasses and was clearly older than me?
Daddy: Yeah. Why?
Me: What was his name? Like first and last…
Daddy: Joseph ummmmm Jonas? I want to say. Why?
Me: Me and Joe are in the car and I fell asleep and had this dream/memory thing and I think Joe is the boy.
Daddy: Ask him not me.
Me: Ok. 
Daddy: Have fun. Love you!
Me: Love you too
“Joe, were you that boy in my dream?” I asked him.
“I think so.” He whispered.
“So we played soccer together and…oh my goodness! I am so sorry! We hadn’t talked in so long and memories got lost…” I paused. “I thought I should’ve recognized you before when I saw you on the movie –“
“Addie, it’s ok! Oh my goodess. I can’t believe it…” he said having the last word on the subject. We had stopped at Olive Garden for lunch. Joe came around to my side and opened my door for me. He took my hand and kissed it. I hugged him around the neck. I felt like we were catching up on everything even though we had been married for a little more than a month now. He knew about my childhood and everything but I guess things got a little more personal when I realized that. It took me almost 3 years to put two and two together. When we are almost done with our lunch, my phone started ringing. I looked down “Papa Smurf”.
“Hey Addie! I found an old roster from the team from when you were 8!” my dad practically yelled in the phone.
“Ok and?” I asked.
“Joseph Adam Jonas age 12 at the time. Does that help?”
“Yeah! We were talking about it in the car.”
“What did he say?”
“I told him the dream I had. Actually I cut off because I got to thinking and then he like said what was said in the dream.”
“Wow. Time does that to people. You said you were in the car?”
“Well not right now. We stopped to grab lunch.”
“Where are you going?”
“Um I don’t know. We have had a long week here and Joe said I needed to get out of the house for a while so he’s taking me on a 19 hour drive somewhere for a week.”
“Nice. Well I have to get back to work so I will talk to you later.”
“Ok, Daddy. I love you…bye” I hung up the phone and looked at Joe.
“What is it?” He asked.
“Dad found the soccer roster from when I was 8.” I smiled.
“Joseph Adam Jonas age 12…at the time.” I smiled and grabbed his hand again. He leaned over and kissed me with a smile on his face. When we pulled away, I looked up and the waitress was walking over to our table with our drinks.
“What can I get for you two?” she asked. Joe looked to the girl and ordered something for us to split. I didn’t know what he was ordering but he knows me best. She walked away from the table and away from us.
“Where were we?” Joe asked me while looking at me.
“Um soccer stuff?”
“Oh yeah!!!” He laughed.
“Joe, can I ask you something?”
“What is it, babe?”
“Why exactly did you pick me that night at the concert?” He looked in my eyes and kissed my lips.
“Do you want me to lie or to be honest?” He chuckled.
“Truth please” I laughed.
“Well there was just something that screamed joyfulness about you and I just thought I should make your night by pulling you up.” I leaned in and kissed his cheek. “And also to be honest, I did not expect any of this to happen. I only expected a normal show and then you kissed me and everything was perfect.” I leaned in and kissed his lips.
“Like this?” I asked pulling away.
“Mmmm like this.” He said leaning in and smashing his lips to mine. The waitress came back as we pulled away (once again) with a bowl of fettuccini alfredo. (My favorite) The waitress put a lot of cheese on top of it.
“Is there anything I can get for you?” she asked us. Joe shook his head no and she left the table.
“How did you know that I like this?” I asked him, twirling some of the pasta on my fork.
“Because, sweetheart, it’s one of my favorites too.” He smiled and twirled pasta on his fork and put the bite in his mouth. After we finished our bowl of pasta, we ordered Zeppoli with chocolate dipping sauce for dessert. (Another one of my favorites) We finished eating quickly, got the check and got back on the road. I looked at the time on my phone. 2 something in the afternoon. I sighed knowing we would be in the car for another 18 plus hours. I turned around in my seat and grabbed my pillow and put it against the window. Within 30 seconds, I was unconscious once again.
“Addie, sweetheart?” Joe asked. I opened my eyes and looked out the window. The sun was setting and I had no clue where we were but I knew that Joe knew. I hope. I glanced over at the clock. It was now a quarter til 6. I put my hand in Joe’s right hand that was on the center consul. He looked over at me for a second and smiled. “Well good morning beautiful!” He said.  
“Hi” I said with a sleepy tone.
“How was your nap, love?”
“It was good. You were in my dream.”
“I could tell. You said my name a lot.” He laughed. I groaned. “What’s wrong?” He glanced over again.
“Nothing. Give me a minute to wake up, please.” I said kissing his shoulder. He nodded. I turned around and grabbed a water out of the bag in the backseat.
“Do you wanna stop now for dinner or wait a little while longer so we can get dinner and a hotel at the same exit?”
“It’s up to you, babe. You’re the driver.” I smiled.
“Um let’s stop now for dinner and at about 9 we will try to find a room for the night. Is that ok?” He glanced over again. I nodded and put my head on his shoulder. We pulled off to the next exit we could find.
“May I ask one of those toddler questions?” I smiled.
“Well…which one?” He laughed back.
“Where are we?” He started laughing at me.
“We are in New Mexico.”
“So helpful, dear.” Joe just kept laughing at me
“Silver City. Is that better?” He looked at me and put a hand on my knee.
“Much! But I don’t know where that is.” I kissed his shoulder. After we ate, we got back to the car to finish our trip. “Whose idea was it to drive 20 hours somewhere?” I asked him.
“Mine, thank you very much! And I enjoy every minute of it, even though you have been asleep most of the way.”
“I’ll be better tomorrow. I promise.” We drove another two hours to Las Cruces, New Mexico so we could get a room for the night. Wow that sounded bad.
The next morning, we woke up at about 7 so we could get back on the road. I threw on a pair of white shorts and a loose dark blue t shirt with an anchor on the front. I made sure before we left to do touch ups on my hair so it would look good. I curled my hair, which was still pink, and left it down. Joe walked into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“You ready?” He asked me, letting go of me and picking up his toothbrush and the toothpaste.
“Almost” I replied, snatching the toothpaste away from him. I gave it back to him after I finished using it. We packed up our bags and headed out to the car to put the bags away. I sat in the passenger seat while Joe went to check out. We finished the last 9 hours of our drive with the occasional food stop and the occasional bathroom stop. We pulled up at his parents’ house. “Why did you bring me to your parents’ house?” I asked him with a smile.
“I thought we should spend some time with my family seeing how your dad is at our house a lot and your mom is coming soon. Is that ok?”
“It’s perfect. It lets me spend more time with your family and get to know them better.” I laughed a bit.

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