Forever & Always

19 Year old Addie's dreams finally come true. She marries the man of her dreams. When things take a turn, well, you never know that happens in the life of a rock star.


12. Mischief

I pulled up at the tattoo parlor and got out. I was going to get 4 tattoos today. Joe didn’t want me to but he said it was my choice. What no one knows is that I have scars on my wrists for reasons from a few years ago when things got so bad around my house. I hated going home. I hated who I was actually. I didn’t realize that I had changed from the loving person I was to the person who was cursing a lot and doing a lot of bad things. Leah is the one who helped me through everything. I got Demi’s number from Joe to talk to her about a few things and ask her if it was ok if I copy her “Stay Strong” tattoo. I told her my story and we were both in tears as I was telling it. She said that it would be an honor.

“What can I do for you?” the guy at the counter asked.

“I actually want to get 4 things today.” I said with a smile. After about a couple hours I was finally done. I remembered that I had a jacket in the car. Good. I paid the guy and was gone. I got the “Stay Strong” on my wrists, the cross on my hand, a cross on my back right under my neck, and then a treble clef/bass clef heart behind my ear. Before going home, I ran by the grocery store to get flour, Crisco and chicken. When I got home, I put my keys and my wristlet on the counter and put the chicken in a pot to boil. I figured that we would have Dumplings tonight so I can soften Joe up before telling him what I did. I was afraid to tell him right now.

*Text conversation*
Me: I did it. 0.o
Demi: Did what? …..OH!!!!
Me: I’ll send pics in a little while. With Joe. Haven’t told him yet.
Demi: Good luck with that.
Me: Ha thanks. I’ll tell you how it goes.

Joe came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and began reading over my shoulder as always and gave me a worried look.

 “Where did you go?” he asked me.

“Do you remember me telling you that I wanted to do something?” I asked him.

“What do you mean?” He looked at my hand which was on my lap. He looked shocked and then he was mad and it was like he was a mix of emotions. “Why?” he asked.

“I told you I wanted to do it. And it hit me right when I told you that I’d be back that I was going to do it.”

“But why didn’t you tell me? You could have texted me or something to let me know” he said.

“You were talking with my family about different things going on. And I managed to bring groceries back so we can have something for dinner.” I pointed to the chicken in the pot.

“Just tell me where you are going next time so I’m not worried about you, please. I don't need you getting in an accident and ending up like me...I love you too much” He said kissing my neck. “Is that the only one you got?” he asked.

“Nope.” His eyes widened. I showed him my wrists, my back and the one behind my ear. “And they all have meaning to me.”

“Are you happy with them?” he asked rubbing his one of the two ropes. I nodded my head. “Good. I love them.”

“And I love yours. And where did everyone else go?”

“They went to take a tour of Leah and Nick’s house and then to get their stuff from the car to put in the guest bedrooms.” He kissed me a couple times before people came back in. I put my pink hair back in a bun to finish dinner. It was about 3 by now and it takes forever to make chicken and dumplings. Joe showed everyone to their rooms. Leah and Nick were at their house cleaning up a little bit and then they would be back. Joe and I worked on making the dough for the dumplings with a side of making a mess. My family came back down the stairs after getting settled. My mom just looked at me and shook her head. Joe and I had flour all in our hair and on our clothes. Madison walked by the counter and stole a cut dough ball as always. At about 6:30, everyone was back at our house for a family dinner.

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