Forever & Always

19 Year old Addie's dreams finally come true. She marries the man of her dreams. When things take a turn, well, you never know that happens in the life of a rock star.


4. Italy?!

“Addie, sweetheart, we’re about to land,” Joe said quietly trying not to irritate me. I opened my eyes and laid the way I was last night. I kissed Joe good morning. He kept his arm around me until the plane landed. When the plane landed, we grabbed our carryon bag from above and we got off the plane.

“Welcome to Italy!” Joe said with a smile. I hugged him tightly. “What is this for?” he asked me.

“For being you, baby” I said in a sweet voice. He leaned down and kissed me passionately.

“Let’s get to the hotel, sweetheart.” He said sweetly.  He put his arm around my waist as we walked. By the time we checked into the hotel, our luggage was on our bed waiting for us. I opened my bag and grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a button up shirt and went to the bathroom to change. I walked out and Joe was in a pair of khakis and a polo. I walked over to him and kissed him.

“Baby, let’s go get something to eat.” He said quietly. We grabbed our room keys and I grabbed my purse and we went down to a cute little restaurant for supper. It was about 7:00 at night by the time we got down there. We both drank water because I’m still only 19. When we finished our meal, we went on a small romantic walk, stopping every few minutes to take pictures, and went back to the hotel. We changed into our pajamas and laid in bed with the light on. I was cuddled up against Joe’s chest. He was wearing only his boxers and I had shorts and a tank top on. Joe brought my face up to his and he kissed me more intensely than usual. He took off my tank top and was running his hand up and down my side. His hands ran down and took my bottoms off and then his. I didn’t mind anymore because we were married. I pulled the blankets up over us.

For some reason I woke up in the middle of the night. I didn’t know where I was or what time it was. I looked at the clock and it said 3:42 a.m. I laid back down and realized I had my naked body pressed up against Joe’s. I smiled and remembered what happened. I kissed Joe’s chest and fell back asleep.

Joe woke me up with a kiss. I’d always dreamt of the day when he would do that to wake me up. It made me feel like a princess.

“Good morning, princess,” he said smiling, “how did you sleep?”

“Perfectly,” I said giving him a kiss.

“I’m going to jump in the shower really quickly. Don’t move” he said kissing me once more and jumping out of bed. 8:30 a.m. ‘Well that’s better than 3 something’ I thought. “Take my hands tonight we can run so far, we can change the world to anything we want,” sang Joe. This was our song from the Jonas Brothers album. I walked in the bathroom brushed my teeth and joined him in the song.

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