Forever & Always

19 Year old Addie's dreams finally come true. She marries the man of her dreams. When things take a turn, well, you never know that happens in the life of a rock star.


11. Hmmm

Addie's POV again

I woke up on the couch where I was last night. Nick, Leah and Joe were in the kitchen talking quietly. Joe just made coffee for the two of us. Nick and Leah don’t drink it due to religion stuff. I got up off the couch and walked upstairs to brush my hair and my teeth. ‘Where was the morning sickness?’ I asked myself. I walked back down the stairs to say good morning to everyone. Joe wrapped me in a warm hug and kissed my cheek.

“Do we just want to have a lazy day?” Leah asked us. We had all been so busy lately with wedding planning and album recording and all that that we have not had time to actually have a day to relax.

“Oh my goodness, that sounds fantastic!” I said. My phone started vibrating right then. My sister, Madison, finally decides to text me.

Madison: Hey
Me: Well hello there
Madison: Address?
Me: For what???
Madison: Mom, Keith, and I are coming to visit! But shhh I’m not supposed to tell! I just need your address

Joe was reading over my shoulder and laughing. He pulled out his phone and texted her the address because he felt like messing with her. When Madison first met Joe she was so excited. When we were younger (and when I was still fangirling over him) we used to sing their songs at the top of our lungs and just act like crazy people. When she finally got to know him and his crazy ways she was over the fangirling stage. The first day that she was not doing that, she actually went up to him randomly and was like “we are best friends!” Now my sisters are 18 and freshmen in college. And I’ll be 20 in 2 weeks. Not the point. But my family was coming over to see us. It would be nice to have the whole family together but my mom and dad will not even sit in the same room since their divorce my sophomore year. It was going to take some convincing to have a family dinner. I will have Joe and Leah and Nick to help me to do that.

“Hey my family is coming in town. I guess they wanted to surprise me.” I said, looking at Leah.

“Which side?” she asked then she quickly covered her mouth realizing that my dad lives a few houses down from us.

“Woooow, Leah,” Nick teased. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. We all started laughing at her as she turned bright red.

“I guess they are here,” Joe said pointing to the window. My mom and her husband, Keith, and my sister Madison all got out of the Ford Edge that my mom just got. Winston and Lola ran to the door and started barking right at Madison knocked. We were all still in our pajamas, which meant Joe was shirtless with long pajama pants. I kissed his chest just before he ran up the stairs to put normal clothes on. My family walked in and greeted everyone.

“Wow.” Was all that Madison could say. This was the first time that they had come to see me in LA. When I was in school, my grades were terrible. It was like my family didn’t think that I would be anywhere in life. I gave my mom and my step dad a hug. It hadn’t been long since the wedding, but they decided that they needed to get out Tennessee for a while longer. Joe came back down the stairs in a plaid button up shirt and jeans. He shook my step dad’s hand and hugged my mom. Nick did the same. Leah gave all three of them huge hugs. Leah and I used to have sleep overs like every weekend we were at our moms. Everyone went and sat in the living room while I went to change clothes. I put on my red distressed skinny jeans with a flowy black tank top and pulled my hair up in a bun and went back down stairs. Joe, Nick, Mom and Keith were in a conversation about the tour while Leah was showing Madison around the house. I sat with Joe and put my head on his shoulder. I pulled out my phone to see what time the tattoo place closed. I was going to try to go today to get some things done that no one wanted to go with me to do. They close at 4.

“I’ll be back in a little bit.” I whispered to Joe.  He nodded his head. I put on my black sandals, grabbed my keys and by wallet and was out the door.

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