Forever & Always

19 Year old Addie's dreams finally come true. She marries the man of her dreams. When things take a turn, well, you never know that happens in the life of a rock star.


7. Forgiveness


“Addie, are you ok?” Leah asked me. Joe had given her the key to the bedroom so she could talk to me. I shook my head no. I was laying on the bed crying, and Leah had her hand on my back trying to calm me down. I felt so bad because we were planning something so memorable for her and Nick and I feel like I have ruined everything. That made everything worse. “Addie, Joe and Nick are downstairs talking. He saw you run out of the house and he was just torn up that you heard that…”

“Well he shouldn’t have said it in the first place.” I said through my tears.

“I know. Will you let him talk to you?” she asked. I shook my head. I didn’t want to talk to him for a while. This was the first fight we had gotten in.

“He needs to realize that he is married and that this is all him. He best be ready for it when it’s time.” I sat up on the bed and was wiping away my tears.


“Yeah?” Leah answered.

“Please tell me she wants to talk to me,” I heard Joe say. I could tell that he was upset. Leah looked back at me to see if it was ok for him to come in. I nodded shyly but I didn’t look at him. Leah let him in and then she left to give us some time. Joe walked over to the bed. I was laying on my side with my back towards him. He sat down against the head board with his face in his hands.

“Addie, I’m sorry” He said. I didn’t answer. I was too upset with him to talk, so I let him talk. “Baby, I’m 23 and you’re 19.  We are too young to be having a baby.”

“Maybe you should’ve thought about that first” I mumbled. I rolled over to face him. “You lied to me about being happy about this.”

“I know. And I’m sorry.” He put his hand on my shoulder.

“What do you wanna do?” I asked him. I wanted to keep this baby. He or she was ours.

“I should be asking you that.”

“Joe, it is our child. We are married and stable. I know we are young, but I want to keep the baby.” He nodded his head and smiled.

“Ok” he said. He put his hand on my face to wipe away the tears that were streaming down my cheek. “I love you and I’m sorry.” I nodded and sat up. I didn’t hear Nick and Leah downstairs, so I guessed that they went home. Joe checked his phone and saw that he had a message from Leah.

Leah: Hey so Nick and I went home to give y’all space. If you want, we all can go out and grab dinner?
Joe: Thanks. Um yeah we could do that. That way we can get more done planning wise J

“Leah and Nick invited us to go out to dinner with them, is that ok?” He looked at me with a worried look on his face.

“Yeah,” I looked at him and smiled. He kissed my forehead and got up off the bed. I went to put on my skinny jeans and one of Joe’s concert t shirts. Joe smiled at me.

“I love it when you wear my shirts” He smiled. I went to the bathroom to put on my makeup.

Leah: Are you coming?
Joe: Yes. Addie is getting ready now.
Leah: K

“Addie, sweetheart, are you ready?” Joe asked.

“Yes dear.” He was sitting on the bed wearing a white t shirt with a pair of jeans and a blue plaid button up shirt over. He stood up and walked over to me and wrapped me in a hug.

“I am so sorry baby.” He said as he kissed my forehead.

“It’s ok, sweetie. Let’s go before Leah and Nick get too antsy.” I smiled. 

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