Forever & Always

19 Year old Addie's dreams finally come true. She marries the man of her dreams. When things take a turn, well, you never know that happens in the life of a rock star.


18. Family

*Joe's POV*

After 2 days in the car, I was ready to be finished driving for a while. I planned on taking Addie to my parents house in Texas to get away from all the craziness in LA. To be honest, we both needed time to clear our heads and move past what happened with the baby. 

"Joe! Addie!" my mom exclaimed opening the front door for us. Addie went and gave my mom a hug and headed inside. I grabbed our bag out of the car and brought it in the house. I put the bag down and went and gave mom a hug and a kiss. Home. 

"Hello son! Hey Addie!" dad said from the living room. Him and Frankie were sitting on the couch watching TV. They got up and came and gave Addie and I a hug. Addie and mom went out to the car to get her make up bag from the back seat. When they came in, dad went with mom to the kitchen to fix supper for the 5 of us. Addie and I brought our stuff up to one of the bedrooms. She laid on the bed and closed her eyes. 

"Addie?" I asked

"Hmm?" she answered.

"Cmere" I said with a smile. She just glared at me. 

"You come here" she said playfully. I walked over to her and knelt down by the bed in front of her. I kissed her forehead.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too." she smiled. "Thank you."

"What for?"

"This...just everything you do for me. Sometimes I don't feel like I show you that I appreciate you and I want you to know that I do." She looked up at me sweetly.

"I love doing it."

"Really?" she asked. Her eyes were watering up.

"Yes" I grabbed her left hand and kissed it. There was a knock at the door just then. I sighed. "Yes?" I asked.

"Mom and dad said come down. Supper is almost ready." Frankie called from outside the door.

"Alright, be there in a second." I answered. "Let's go, sweetheart." I said softly as she rolled out of the bed. She came over to me and gave me a hug. 


Dinner went by smoothly. Mom and dad didn't bring up the baby. It was still a bit too soon. We all gathered in the living room, turned the TV off and just had a family talk.

"Addie, what is on your hand?" mom asked. Addie looked at her hand with a confused look. "No your other hand, sweetheart." 

"Oh!" Addie exclaimed. "My family came in town and while I was out grocery shopping for supper stuff, I made a little pit stop. Haha it's a cross and on my arm it says 'faith' it reminds me to keep my faith and not let anything bring me down...." she paused and looked at me, "not even what happened a few days ago." I don't think Frankie and dad heard about it. 

"What happened a few days ago?" dad asked me.

"Did mom tell you that Addie was pregnant?" I asked him. He looked up like he was trying to remember if she did or not after a second or two he nodded his head that he remembered. "Well the other night, I woke up and Addie wasn't in the bed and I heard crying from the bathroom. I opened the door and Addie was laying on the floor by the toilet curled up in a ball, crying. I looked at her and there was blood all over her sleep pants. I took her to the hospital where she spent the night and the doctor told me while she was asleep that we lost the baby. I sat by the bed holding her hand while she slept and cried. She heard me and woke up and asked me what was wrong and I just couldn't tell her. She pretty much forced me to tell her. She stayed in bed for a couple days. We were both just devastated." I looked at Addie, whose hand was on my knee, she had a tear rolling down her cheek. To be honest, everyone had tears rolling down their cheeks. Addie didn't deserve to be put through this, but she did. 

When it was time for us all to go up to our respective rooms, Addie strayed a little bit. I think she found the music room. I walked down to the hall to the music room and put my ear against the door. She had picked up one of Nick's guitars and was playing something I didn't know.

"I never asked for this
but here you are
right in front of me" She sang. She paused. 

"I cannot ask for anyone better..." she stopped singing, "no no no that doesn't sound right." she mumbled. Addie used to do some song writing when I was touring and everything that two years I didn't see her. She never said why she stopped. I quickly walked back to the bedroom. Moments later, Addie walked in and straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She came out and put on sleep shorts and laid next to me in bed.

"You sound beautiful." I smiled. She stared at me blankly.

"What are you talking about?" 

"I heard you singing a little bit ago." I smiled at her.

"You did? Uhm yeah, I don't know what I was thinking." 

"What do you mean? Just give it some time and the right words will come to you."

"I can't write." She said.

"Really? You told me you used to but quit. Why did you quit?" I asked her.

"You'll think it's stupid."

"Nothing about you is stupid." I pulled her closer to me.

"I thought that I should stop so people don't trash talk me saying that I can't sing or write, saying that I'm only signed on cuz of you and I just didn't want that." I looked at her.

"People will say what they want to say. It up to you what you really wanna do, babe. Follow your heart and don't let anyone stand in the way of that."

"I...I'm fine with the way things are, baby. I don't have to write or anything..." she said softly.

"No, babe, do what you want, I don't wanna be the reason why you're not doing what you want. You're doing your work from home because everyone knows who you are and the paparazzi are everywhere, the only people you hang with are me, Leah, Nick, Kevin, and Dani....Your family has to come see you because the paps won't leave you alone. That stupid thing E! showed the day after I got out of the hospital messed everything up for you-"

"Stop, Joe." She said. She looked at me and kissed my nose. "None of this is your fault, Joe. We both knew that paparazzi would be everywhere. We both knew that people would trash talk. That didn't stop anything." I kissed her when she paused. When I pulled away, she whispered "I love you." 

"I love you too sweetheart. Get some sleep, love." 

"Alright," she said softly. She was so tired that her voice was starting to sound gravely. Addie rolled onto her right side and fell asleep. I wrapped my arms around her. I couldn't sleep. I just had too much on my mind. Everything Addie just told me, just bothered me. Was I the reason she stopped writing songs? She hasn't talked to any of her old so-called friends because they only want to talk to her cuz of me. With her, she learned who her real friends are fast. She learned that there are people who are put in her life for a reason. What was the reason I'm in her life? I've done a lot to hurt her, but she shows me that she does love me and that we should always forgive and forget. Addie always forgave me. 

"" Addie was having a nightmare...again.

"Addie, sweetheart?" I asked, gently tapping her and shaking her. She rolled over with her eyes open and looked at me. I could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks. With her face buried in my chest, she fell asleep again. I closed my eyes to try to sleep...nothing.  My mind just kept wandering. 1:27 am the clock said. 

*Text Convo*
Me: Hey Dem?
Demi: Yes?
Me: Can I have some help with advise.
Demi: Uhm sure
Me: Addie and I are at my parents house in Texas to get away from everything in LA and on the way to bed, I took a shower and went to find her. When I found her, she was in the music room playing Nick's guitar and singing something I never heard. I think it was something she wrote, but I don't know. but she told me that she hasn't written since the premiere of Camp Rock 2. 
Demi: Alright? 
Me: The way she put it was that it's because she's married to me, she doesn't want people to think that she's just singing and writing because of who she married.
Demi: People will talk. And I say let them. If she has talent, which I know she does, she shouldn't be worried. Haters hate. It's what they do. People still call you three gay. And you know very well as I do that you're not. 
Me: Wow. That actually helped. Thanks! Well I'm going to try to go to sleep now. Addie's been asleep for about 2 1/2 hours now. 
Demi: Alright! Goodnight, Joe. Just tell her to keep her head up and that I love her! 
Me: Will do! Night

Dem is right. I closed my eyes and almost instantly I was asleep. It has been a long day and everyone needs all the rest they can get. 

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