once upon a time


1. once upon a time

Your name is Lucy, and you're frozen in ice, for as long as anybody could remember.

You prayed for a man to come close enough to thaw you, to take tentative scrapes with his hammer, to crack you open and lay your pieces in front of him. You wanted to see the sunlight again. But along came a cruel huntsman who had not a hammer but an axe and he chopped too hard and too furiously and you were splintered, flying through the air, faster and faster.

Your name is Lucy, and all you wanted was to be loved, for as long as you could remember.

But along came boys with clumsy hearts and words to match, feeding you lines copied out from pop songs. Their actions are foolish but you trip over their words, they're still such a catch. You wished to be happy, to have a head-over-heels romance but how can you, when you can foretell the ending so easily? You finish your once-upon-a-time's with an abrupt end, for the story reads the same each time.

His name was Harry, and all he wanted was to feed you love. He'd crushed on you for a long time, as long as anyone could remember.

But you locked his doors and threw away the key and made your escape at last. He screamed your name for 30 nights in a row but your face was turned, sleeping on the pillow of another. You laughed your way down the halls, such a pretty face, wide eyed smile. You locked him up and built up walls then recoiled in anguish when he escaped through a window and fled to the arms of a figure below.

Your name is Lucy, and all you wanted was to be loved, for as long as you could remember.

But you forgot that words can be rewritten and changed, and your story doesn't always have to read the same.

The End.

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