You got served, Alpha

A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story.

Lexine Winheart, the sixteen years old girl who has been neglected by everyone. She is constantly being harassed and treated harshly by her pack and her family. With no friends and family, she has no shoulder to cry on to. She is always lonely and has to do what the other tells her to. Alex is the soon to be Alpha. One prank that he pulled on her just went way too far.

On the other hand, once rejected by her mate, she did the only thing to escape this hell house. She had enough. Running away was the only option and that’s exactly what she did. A complicated misunderstanding between these very two different people and the truth lies somewhere between them.
So what happens 2 years later when she returns? When she comes back to take revenge? Yup, revenge is sweet for sure and Lex will make sure everyone pays the price.

~A very surprising twist is yet to come~

[i hope its not too cliche.. give it a chance plz]


9. Chapter 9




I shifted into my wolf form with my backpack hugging me tightly in my back. I ran through the woods as fast as I could. Not caring about the scratches I am getting along the way. I fastened my speed. I want to get there as soon as possible. Even though my legs are hurting and my arms injured, I kept on running. When I couldn’t take it anymore I slammed against a large tree. Panting as I took large breath. In a few minutes, I drifted off to sleep.


A sudden sobbing noise snapped me out of my sleep. I quickly got up on my feet and followed the source of the noises. As I go near, I could hear the faint cry more clearly. The sobbing noise is coming from the tree in front of me. I slowly moved my head and my breath caught in my throat.


“Please don’t hurt us!” a small voice pleaded.


“Shut up you filthy animal!”


My eyes widen. One word - Hunters. The man held tight onto this little girl’s throat. I took notice of my surroundings and found another little girl lying motionless a little farther from here.


“Please let us go!” the little girl begged. I suspect she is about 5 or 6 years old. She has long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. From the smell, I realized she is a wolf. I just stood there dumbstruck.


‘You need to do something!’ My wolf yelled at me.


‘Huh? Oh.” I snapped back to reality. I am not so sure what to do. I am too weak to fight that man. Beside he has a weapon in his hand.


Do something Lex! But what!


I looked around frantically while I made sure not to make many noise which would attract hunters attention. I noticed a large wooden log few feet away from me. I slowly walked towards the log, avoiding crunchy leaves. Using all my wolf strength, I pulled the log on my bare hand.


Okay you can do this! I assured myself and take a large step, holding the log above my head. The girl’s eyes widen when she sees me. I give her a nervous but assuring smile. I walked closer, not trying to make any noise which is impossible due the leaves and branches scattered around. Luckily the man was too busy handling the girl.


“So any last word before I kill you little girl?” The man spat. His voice is hoarse, filled with hatred and venom.


“Actually yes.” The little girl replied without flinching, but smiled widely.


The man looks confused.


“Adios human! Behind you!”


As soon as the man snaps his head towards my direction, his eyes grow wide. Taking that opportunity, I threw the wooden log as hard as I can. The man fell on the ground. Blood started pouring from his mouth and his eyes.


A sudden realisation hit me. “Is-is he dead?” I ask particularly to no one. Did I just kill a human? My first kill! I just killed someone. Oh no. I looked at the man and then at my hands. Guilt rushed over me. I just killed a man and he is just a human.

Suddenly I felt a small arm wrap around my legs. I looked down at the girl. I smile forgetting about the man.


“Hey there, are you alright?” I ask and bend down to her level.


“Ye-yeah. Thank you soooo much.” The girl replied, her voice is still a little shaky.


“It’s okay.” I comfort her. “So what’s your name?”


“Skyler. But everyone calls me Sky. You can call me Sky too!” Sky says.


“Well it's nice to meet you Sky. My name is Lexine. But you can call me Lex. So want to tell me what happened?” I asked.


She sighed. “I.. I mean we were attacked by some hunters. My sister and I ran but soon got caught by that man.” She said pointing at the man I just killed.


“Oh I am soo sorry Sky.” I said  with sympathy.


“Speaking of your sister, is that her?” I ask pointing at the little body lying over the trees. Sky and I quickly run towards her, I slowly turned her back to face me. She has several bruises on her face and wounds on her body. I let out a small yelp.


“Tayler open your eyes!” Sky cried out as she shook her sister's body. “Tay?” Sky then looks at me with pleading eyes, telling me to do something.


“I- I am sorry Sky.” I say. She gasped.


“NO!” She cried, letting her tear flow down. I couldn't bare the sight of her so I couldn’t help but cry too. This poor little girl didn’t deserve this. Suddenly the guilt of killing that man is now gone and filled with rage. I let my wolf take over. I looked back over the man. He tilted his head a little. He isn’t dead yet? I let out a growl, ran towards him and pinned him on the ground.


“Please! Let me go!” the man pleaded as I grabbed his neck. Fear visible in his eyes. Good.


“I have a family to get home to, please!”


I laughed. “Family? Look who’s begging now! Did you ever think of that poor little girl before you killed her? HUH? Did you think about her family before you attacked her?” I spat on his face with venom.


“I am going to give you a taste of your own medicine. Any last word human?” I didn’t wait for his reply. I swift my paws over his face as I bit his neck hard. Blood splattered everywhere and within a second, the man lay dead.


Good, he's dead now, and he died with fear. He deserved it.


Satisfied, I changed back to my human form. I took a hold of Taylor and hold her against my arm. This girl deserves a proper funeral. My other hand holding Sky’s tiny hand.


“What pack are you from Sky?” I asked as we walked down the trail. The necklace I had on glow indicating we were going the wrong way so I changed my track.


“The Midnight Pack.”


“The Midnight Pack?” I ask surprised.


“Yeah. Well my family and I went on holiday and that’s when we were attacked. What about you? Where are you from?” she asked in her tiny voice.


"I am from nowhere.” I replied.

“You are a rogue?” she asks, eyes wide.

  She's cute and mature for her age.  

I chuckled slightly. “You can call me that. Although not entirely since I ran away from my old pack to hopefully join another. Long story.”




“Anyway I am glad you are from the Midnight pack because that’s where I am heading towards.” I said smiling warmly down at her.


"Why?" She asked curiously.


I sighed again. "I was rejected. It's a long story. I will tell you sometime."


She nod her head. "Okay." She's an understanding smart girl.




“Yes sweetie?”


“Thank you.”


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