You got served, Alpha

A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story.

Lexine Winheart, the sixteen years old girl who has been neglected by everyone. She is constantly being harassed and treated harshly by her pack and her family. With no friends and family, she has no shoulder to cry on to. She is always lonely and has to do what the other tells her to. Alex is the soon to be Alpha. One prank that he pulled on her just went way too far.

On the other hand, once rejected by her mate, she did the only thing to escape this hell house. She had enough. Running away was the only option and that’s exactly what she did. A complicated misunderstanding between these very two different people and the truth lies somewhere between them.
So what happens 2 years later when she returns? When she comes back to take revenge? Yup, revenge is sweet for sure and Lex will make sure everyone pays the price.

~A very surprising twist is yet to come~

[i hope its not too cliche.. give it a chance plz]


7. Chapter 7




Today is my 17th birthday. Today is the day I will be able to shift, without a mate.


Will I live? Will I die? Will I survive? I kept on asking my wolf.


‘I don’t know. I am scared Lex.’ My wolf wailed every time I ask her these questions.


Me too. I don't know either. Chances are, I will die slowly and painfully. No one can survive a change like this, not without a mate.


For the past few days I had been avoiding everyone. I did my chores and then went straight to my room. Kept myself locked up. I haven’t talked to anyone. I didn’t go to school either. Alex once asked why I didn't go to school, but I just said that I'm sick, I need break from school. Surprisingly he didn't protest.


I often talked to Jack though. He bought me credit for my phone. How nice of him!


A loud beep startled me. I looked at my phone. A message from Jack. Speaking of the angel and he messages.


Happy B’day beautiful! Don’t forget to come to my house at 11 pm. Your shift will start @ around 12. Be ready, stay safe. Love Jack.


I smiled as I re-read the message one more time.


So sweet, so caring. Jack, why couldn't you be my mate? Even if you were a human mate, I would still be happy. Too bad you are not, and you see me as your sister.


Oh god what am I thinking! I shook my head and laughed. I'm so silly.


Finally I got up, got dressed. I opened the door and soon stumbled upon something. I looked down and found a box. What is this doing here? I asked myself. I bend down and picked up the box.

I carefully opened it to find a gold and diamond bracelet and a note attached to it.


Happy Birthday Lex.


I frowned. Who could have gotten me a present? Probably Jack. But how did he get into the house? I shrugged. He probably had his way.


As usual, I did all my chores, made breakfast and did homework for Jen and Tasha. I really didn’t want to but if I didn’t then they might suspect something and I can’t afford for them to know that I will be leaving this house soon.






I quickly took a hot shower, got dressed. By the time, it was almost 11. I grabbed my phone and headed towards the window.


I saw Jacks car parked. I quickly ran to him. He hugged me tightly.


“You ready?” He asked with a smile.


“Yeah, no. I guess I am. I mean I don’t know if I will survive.” I said sadly.


Jack kissed my forehead, “It's okay, have faith. You will be fine.”


I just nodded. So many emotions are passing through me. “Oh Jack?”


“Yeah Lex?”


“Thanks for the gift.” I said smiling.


“What gift?” He looked confused. Wait he didn’t give me the present? Then who did? My thoughts were interrupted by Jack.


“Come on let's go or we will be late.”


“Yeah let’s go.” I shook my head. I will worry about that later. Right now I have some bigger things to worry about.



11:40 pm.


“Here you are love.” Jack’s grandmother greeted me and then guided us to her room.


“Here drink this. This might help ease the pain.” She handed me a glass with some weird liquid. I shuddered at the sight of greenish colour of the liquid.


“Don’t worry it’s just herbs.” She told me and I nodded.


I took the glass and drank the liquid in one gulp.


Ewkk! Tastes horrible! I heard Jack chuckled from behind and I gave him a playful glare.


“One more thing, if you survive this process, I want you to leave the town tomorrow morning as soon as possible. You will be leaving for South Carolina.” Grandma said.


I nodded but soon realised what she said. “Huh? You want me to leave?” I asked shocked.


The thought of leaving my pack somehow bothered me. “You mean you are telling me to leave my pack and run? I will be a rogue if I do so…”


Grandma Lucy interrupts me. “You are not safe here. You don’t belong to that pack darling. Anyway I added a very special type of herbs so no one will be able to track you down.”


“I can’t leave! I can’t………” a sudden pain shot through my spine. I groaned.


“Wha-what’s happening? WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME!” I screamed.


“It started darling, the changing.” Jack said softly.

My whole body was on fire. I wailed in agony. The pain is just unbearable. I felt like someone kept on stabbing me on the back. I felt like I am dying.


“AHHH!!” I shouted. I couldn’t think of anything. It’s like my mind has been completely shut down. The only thing my brain could process was the pain.


“Stop it! Someone please stop the pain! It’s too much! HELP!!” I could feel my bones are cracking. My wolf is trying to get out of my body and I kept on screaming. Tear kept on pouring down like a waterfall. Suddenly the pain stopped and before the darkness took over, I thought to myself, Am I dying?




I sat on the couch. Everyone went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. Something is bugging me. My heart kept on telling me that something isn’t right. I sighed and looked at the wall clock. Nearly 12. I stood up and mentally get ready to go to sleep but as soon as I got on my feet, a sudden pain shot through my body.


What the hell?


“OW!” I yelled in pain.”Wha-what’s going on?” I asked my wolf as another shot of pain went through my whole body.


‘I think she is changing.’ My wolf replied.


Changing? Changing who? Changing to what?


Then it hit me. Lex. Oh god! Lex! Its, Its her 17th birthday! How could I not think of that when I gave her the gift? How could I not think that at seventeen girls changes and shifts? Oh no she needs me. If not then… then she might……… NO!


I won’t let that happen.


“Lex!” I yelled and made my way upstairs towards her room. I panted when I reached in front of her room and kicked open only to find it empty. “Lex where the hell are you?!” I looked at the bathroom and found it empty.


“LEX?” Damn it where are you? She is shifting but where!


I ran downstairs and searched the kitchen and all the guests’ room. I went to the backyard and the garden but found no sign of her. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find her. I ran faster in my wolf speed and quickly gave a quick tour around the neighbourhood. Still no luck. Her faint scent isn’t helping either. Its fading slowly. I made my way to the house in hopes to find her there.


I suddenly felt very tired and collapsed on the floor as darkness consumed me.





I slowly opened my eyes and closed it immediately. The bright light blinded my eyes.


Where am I? Heaven, I'm in heaven. Which means that I am dead.


Good that I'm dead, I'm in a happy place, away from hell that we call Earth.


“Lexi open your eyes child.” I heard a familiar voice. I snapped open my eyes to be greeted by 2 pair of eyes. I found myself lying on a soft bed. I tried to get up but slam right back, my head pounding due to terrible headache and backache. Ouch my spine. I think all my bones are broken.


“Where am I? What is going on?” I asked. My voice sound hoarse. I was slightly disappointed that I was not dead.


I am pretty much alive.


“Do you remember anything Lex?”


I looked up to see the source of the voice. Jack?

Memories of last night came back to me and my eyes widened.


“I… did I….. I am alive?” I was shocked,”but how! How is that possible!”


“Yes Lex dear you are perfectly fine.” I saw grandma smiling warmly at me.


“You have done it Lex! I knew you could do it!” Jack shouted in excitement and hugged me tightly.


“Can’t.. breath!” I managed to say.


“Oh whoops sorry!” Jack said and loosens his arm.

I looked at both of them. Jack has a huge grin of happiness. I moved my eyes to grandma Lucy. She has a surprised look on her face.


“Um is everything alright?” I questioned her.


“I was right!” She exclaimed.


“Huh?” I am confused.


She walked around the bed and sat next to me,


“Oh I knew it! You my dear are very special. Remember how I said that not everyone goes through shifting process?”




“Well do you remember how I said that only someone special could survive? And you did.”


Oh! That’s true.


Then it hit me. “But-but how?” I asked.


“I don’t know but you are special. You might be the chosen one, I don’t know. Legend has it that there is that one young girl who changes without a mate. A girl who changes the history, the future, and the destiny, but it wouldn't be easy for her, she will go through many obstacle, many challenges, she will be tested, her fate her lives will depend on her decision. And that girl might be you, but I am not entirely sure to be honest.”


I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to say. So many things are going on my head and it’s hard to process all these information.


Could I really be the one? That's impossible! I'm nothing, I'm a no one, I'm a useless ugly nerd, so there's no way someone like me could be so special.


What the heck is going on!


“Well maybe we shouldn’t worry about that right now. You have to get Lex out of here.” Jack interrupted my thoughts.


“Go where?” I asked confused.


"I am going to send you far away from here. You are going to leave this place by morning. The only thing is you have to run through the woods. Try to avoid the track and keep going south.”


“What do you mean Jack? How the hell do you suppose I will go on my own? I don’t even know where I am going! And why do I have to run along the woods? Can’t I take a plane?” I asked frustrated.


Jack sighed. “You could but it's too dangerous and you will be exposed to public. Who knows who will be on that plane. My main concern is the rogue and your pack finding you. Oh and you are going to South Carolina.”


“Oh, but what if I get lost? How do I know where to go? Where to end? And how long is it going to take? Why can’t someone go with me?” I asked and found myself out of breath.


“You will be okay don’t worry. Here keep this with you. This will guide you to the right path.” Grandma said handing me a necklace with blue ruby stoned locket.


“It will turn red when you take the wrong path. It will also make it impossible to track you down. It will ease your scent as long as you wear it. And for your other question, I can’t send someone with you. You can be tracked easily if I do that. I am really sorry but you have to be on your own. I really wanted to come with you but I can’t".


“So what happens once I am there?”


“You will meet someone I know. I already told them about you and they will make sure you reach safely.” Jack answered my question.


“Who?” I asked again.


“The Midnight Pack. Don’t worry I know them. You will be safe on their hands.”


“So you are telling me I am going to join a new pack?”


“That’s what I said. Now about your shifting, can you do that?” Jack asked.


“Yeah I suppose.” I replied. Give me a second.

I called my wolf. “You there girl?”


‘Yes, just concentrate and I will be out.’


“Okay.” I closed my eyes shut as I tried to concentrate and imagined myself as a wolf. I could feel myself shrink down.


I opened my eyes and saw Jack and grandma Lucy gawking at me.


“Wow” Jack exhaled heavily.


“What? Is it that bad?” I asked concerned.


“Uh what? No! You are, just looked at yourself in the mirror.”


Um okay? I made my way to the dressing table. I gasped. Staring right back at me is a beautiful white wolf with emerald green eyes. The pure white soft fur is…


“You are a white wolf!” Grandma Lucy interrupted my thoughts. “I thought white wolves don't exist anymore. You must be the only survivor of your race!”


A white wolf… the only survivor. Who am I?


Moreover, my race? My parents weren't white wolves, so what do you mean by my race!


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