You got served, Alpha

A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story.

Lexine Winheart, the sixteen years old girl who has been neglected by everyone. She is constantly being harassed and treated harshly by her pack and her family. With no friends and family, she has no shoulder to cry on to. She is always lonely and has to do what the other tells her to. Alex is the soon to be Alpha. One prank that he pulled on her just went way too far.

On the other hand, once rejected by her mate, she did the only thing to escape this hell house. She had enough. Running away was the only option and that’s exactly what she did. A complicated misunderstanding between these very two different people and the truth lies somewhere between them.
So what happens 2 years later when she returns? When she comes back to take revenge? Yup, revenge is sweet for sure and Lex will make sure everyone pays the price.

~A very surprising twist is yet to come~

[i hope its not too cliche.. give it a chance plz]


2. Chapter 2


Thanks for reading!




An hour later.

I finally reached school and went directly to my locker. The school is crowded with students but I paid attention to none. I felt as if my legs were about to give in. I really need a good shoe, because my feet hurt very badly. Suddenly I felt a hand push me from behind. I yelped as I hit hard on the floor with a loud thud. My head hits the locker door and started to pound so bad that I thought I would pass out in any minute. I realized all my books are scattered everywhere.

I blinked.

I tilted my head and saw Jennifer Dawn. Alex’s sister.

Oh no, not her again!

“Did you finish my science project bitch?” Jen crossed her arms and put on her bitchy attitude.

“Uh yeah.” I muttered knowing that there is no point arguing. I will lose anyway, most likely with some bruises and maybe some broken ribs.

Happened last month.

Pity I know. I pity myself too.

“Well where is it?” She snapped. Wow impatient much? Chill lady, I'm getting it.

No, I didn't say that out loud, I very much like to keep my nose intact and not broken. I looked behind her to see her minions. I then diverted my attention to the surroundings and I could sense that some wolves from my pack in the hallway enjoying my misery. Some snickered and some laughed pointing at me. Just like they do every day. Even human are doing the same.


Cruel world.


“Well?” Jen asked impatiently. I snapped back to the present. I can see she's annoyed. Before she could get angry I quickly began to search the paper among all the scattered books and papers.

“Here it is.” I picked up a paper and handed up. She quickly scanned the paper. Seemed satisfied she handed me a new history assignment. “I want this done by Friday morning, get it?”

“Yes.” I said and took it.

"Yes what?"

"Yes ma'am". I quickly corrected myself. I wished that one day I will make you say ma'am to me.


“Good now get out of my sight.” She said and left.

I went to the girl’s room to freshen up a little. I still have 10 minutes till class starts. I stepped towards the bathroom and slowly stepped in looking at my reflection. I had a dark purple bruise in my cheek. My face looked pale and my eyes looked dull. I moved my glasses, wiped away tears from my eyes and splat some water in my face. I then proceeded to clean my glasses, as it became cloudy from the tears. Suddenly the door opened and a group of cheerleader entered. Tasha, the second son of Satan snorted when she saw me. Yes, whether male or female, they are all satans son.

They are wolves of my pack as well and apparently they are the definition of perfect. I know I am not ugly, nor I am as beautiful as them but compared to them, I am nothing. I am just a typical nerd who wouldn't even know how to dress like them. Don't blame me, it's just the situation that won't let me have cool dresses like them. Not that I want to, I am happy with how I dress, I'm used to it. A saggy old skirt and hip length loose top. Perfect. People would say I have no fashion taste. Maybe that’s why I don’t have any friends. But I what was I suppose to do? It's not like they buy me new dresses, it's not like I could afford one. The only time I get a new dress from the Alpha and Luna is at Christmas. I respect them a lot, for not being satan like their son. Joking.


“Well well well! Look who we have here!” I snapped out of my thought when I heard the voice. I have been spacing out a lot lately, aren't I. I shook my head and blinked.

Well well well my foot. Maybe I should drown you all on a well.

Just kidding, I can't even hurt a fly. But I guess I get a pass for thinking like that.

Tasha the barbie looked at me up and down. “Isn’t this  miss smarty nerd? Let's say we have some fun eh girls?” the girls behind her laughed and nodded. Uh oh, this is not good, I repeat, this is not good at all. I took a few steps back till I my back hit the bathroom wall. Tasha grabbed my hair and ducked my face in the sink full of water which one of the girls must have filled out when I spaced out into my informative thoughts. She held my head into the water for a few second and my lungs started burning for some air. I could feel that my face turned pale and much more whiter than before. A few more seconds and I might lose consciousness. Tasha pulled me up just before I was going to black out.

I gasped for hair while staring at the mirror. My eyes are blood red. My hair all wet.

Tasha let go of my hair with force.

“Aren’t you weak you pathetic low life! You can’t even last 30 seconds!"

So she was drowning me for 30 seconds huh, well that's a new record. But I'm sure it's better than you, you and Alex probably wouldn't last long in bed. I almost chuckled at that thought.

Tasha continued, "You really are a loser, I wonder why you just don’t die you know. You bring disgrace to the pack. You are such a little weakling, You can’t fight, you can’t cook properly, and you just can’t do anything can you?” Jen complained. I didn't notice that Jen also came to the bathroom and joined Tasha to this little game they were playing with me. “That salad tasted awful as well.” She made a face showing how disgusted she was. You are lucky I didn’t poison you! I said mentally. I wish I did poison her salad but I know I couldn’t. I can’t even hurt an ant.

Why? Why am I so soft inside? Why can’t I be strong and defend myself when I have no one? Why? Why can’t I fight? Why am I so weak? Why am I not strong? I haven't asked for any of these shits that I get everyday of my life. Maybe I am pathetic. A low life. Maybe I do deserve to die. Maybe Tasha is right, I'm a little weakling.

After what felt like hours of torture, they finally left. Exhausted, I pulled myself up. I fixed my hair and made my way towards class.


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