You got served, Alpha

A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story.

Lexine Winheart, the sixteen years old girl who has been neglected by everyone. She is constantly being harassed and treated harshly by her pack and her family. With no friends and family, she has no shoulder to cry on to. She is always lonely and has to do what the other tells her to. Alex is the soon to be Alpha. One prank that he pulled on her just went way too far.

On the other hand, once rejected by her mate, she did the only thing to escape this hell house. She had enough. Running away was the only option and that’s exactly what she did. A complicated misunderstanding between these very two different people and the truth lies somewhere between them.
So what happens 2 years later when she returns? When she comes back to take revenge? Yup, revenge is sweet for sure and Lex will make sure everyone pays the price.

~A very surprising twist is yet to come~

[i hope its not too cliche.. give it a chance plz]


13. Chapter 13


Hey guys, I am back! I can not believe that my cliche, crappy, unedited and predictable story is number 1 most read All time Popular story in Supernatural and Paranormal category! Wow! Never imagined that. Thanks all!


I made some changes to previous chapters. Sorry :P




We had a wonderful day. We went to the park which is about an hour away from home, but within our territory. Unfortunately Roy couldn't come as he got caught up with some work.

We set our picnic near the lake. We had fun, we laughed, we played, we ate, we fed the birds, watched Sky playing with other kids, also noticed how some dogs stared at us with the "I know you people are wolf" look while their owner is trying to get them to walk. It was a great day, and we were just like a normal happy family. It feels good to all the smiling faces, no worries, no tension, no stress. Just a one big happy family, except Lane and Roy isn't here, they are missing out.

At around 6:30 we were back home and Lane came to greet us. "Hey you guys are back!" He said.

"Yes and you missed it, we had so much fun!" Liv cried.


Lane laughed, "Well I had my kind of fun! I went to this chicks house for the so called homework help."

Drake high-fived him, "well played man!"

"But her mum was watching us with hawk eyes all the time." Lane said with disappointment.

"HA!" Drake, Liv, Sky and I laughed.

"Oh Lane you are so lame, see what I did there? Lame, Lane! God I am a genius!" I said while laughing my hearts out, however Lane didn't find that so funny.


"Whatever, I need to run, got some work to do, sorry can't help with packing up!" Lane rolled his eyes and left.

"Bye!" We all said in unison.

"We have training tonight Lex don't forget!"

Damien interrupts us as he gets out of the car after parking it in our huge garage. I groaned. "Do we have to? I'm tired."

"Yep we have to. Meet me at the yard at around 8 'k? Oh and can you guys please help me pack these up?" He said pointing at the blankets, leftover foods, sport gears and other stuff we took to the picnic. "I need to hurry as it's almost meeting time, can't miss it."

"No problem Damien you go we will look after it all." I tell him.

"Thanks hun." Damine said and left.

Whoa! Did he just call me hun?

"Ooooo! Honey!" The trio exclaimed. I blushed.


Damien you are so sweet, why couldn't Alex be more like you? Why did he have to be evil?


I wonder what I saw back in the car, a flash of something, or someone. Did anyone else notice it? Probably not. I think I should tell Damien in tonight's training.

I shook my head, trying to not think about anything else and give me unnecessary stress. I decided to unload the boot. "Drake, Liv you guys go inside, I will clean this up. I need some alone time".

They understood and decided not to ask questions.

I started cleaning up the mess left behind in the back of the car and suddenly noticed something shiny under the extra tire cover. Curious, I gently removed the cover and noticed a photo frame.


The photo is of a beautiful woman whom I have never seen before. Her symmetrical facial structure and those big emerald eyes are as gorgeous as it could ever be.

She is... beautiful. And breathtakingly gorgeous.

I wonder who she is? I need to ask someone. Yes yes wolfy I know I should not pry on everything or someone else's business, but curiosity is killing me.


“Ma’am?” The sudden interruption of my thought startled me.

“Oh hey Roy! We missed you today!” I smiled warmly at Roy when I found him walking towards me. I quickly put back the photo frame before he catches me with it.

“Yeah sorry about that! Next time I promise.” Roy continued, “by the way, allow me to help you unpack this please.”

I huffed, “Roy! I can manage! You really need to stop helping everyone whenever you get the chance.”

Roy is always kind and helpful. any girl would be lucky to have him as his mate. Yes, he still hadn't find his mate.

“No ma’am I like helping.” Roy said.

I sighed. Roy always calls me ma'am, when I ask him why he just shrugs, he said that I deserved to be called that. I don't understand why, he calls Damien by his name, they are best friends, but when it comes to me, he talks with unnecessary respects. He won't stop calling me Ma'am even after we spent lot of times together. Roy and I trained together when Damien was busy, when the kids, Damien, Roy and I go out to spend leisure time, we have so much much fun. Sky even hang around his neck like a monkey. He is so cheerful. But when it comes to me, he shows too much respect.

"How old are you Roy?" I asked him when I handed him the picnic basket.

"25." He replied.

"You haven't found your mate yet right?"

Roy sighed, "No not yet. maybe I don't have one."

"Don't say that!" I exclaimed. She is definitely out there. You have been waiting too long, I am sure you will meet each other soon." I assured him. I really hoped he finds his mate soon.

"Thanks ma'am." Roy replied which made me frown. "How many times did I tell you to call me Lex? I am nothing special, don't call me that, it makes me feel old and important."

"But you are!" Roy interrupted me.

"What do you mean!" I asked surprised.

"Because you are the white wolf, and you know very well about the legend, that you are the chosen one. So you deserve respect." Roy said softly.

I sighed, "Screw legend, if you respect me so much, then call me by my name please. I see you as my friend, and friends don't call each other sir or ma'am, you got that right?"

Roy gave up, "Okay, if you insist!" He said and then he chuckled. I smiled.

8:00 pm.

"Hi Damien" I waved at him when I entered the training ground.

"Why hello there, ready to start your training?"

"Yes Damien but first I want to tell you something." I said, a bit nervous. So the rest of the conversation went like this-

Damien - "Now is not the time for chit chat Lex, we need to train."

Me - "But it's important!"

Damien - "What can be more important than training?"

Me - "well..."

Damien - "well?"

Me - "Well I might have seen something."

That got his attention.

Damien - "Seen what?"

Me - "I uh, you know when we were leaving for the picnic?"

Damien - "Yes?"

Me - "Well call me crazy or whatever, but I think I saw something, or someone to be more accurate, I guess. I don't know".

Damien - "What do you mean? Seen what!"

Me - "Probably nothing, it's like a flash of someone running across."

Damien's expression softened.

Damien - "It's probably nothing Lex, we could have noticed it too."

Me- "Uh yes I guess you are right, it's nothing, maybe."

Damien - "Don't stress too much, we have guards and snipers everywhere guarding our territory, there is no way anyone can do anything to us or cross the border without permission."

Me - "Thanks that's very reassuring. It was probably nothing."

Yeah I am not buying that, something doesn't feel right.

Damien - "Anyway could have been wild animal, who knows. But for now let's get you fit and strong, shall we?"

Me - "We shall, we are ready. "

"Are you ready wolfy?" I asked my wolf.

"Ready as I will ever be, let’s work hard and be the strongest of all and take back what once was  ours."

Lets kick some butts.



~Unknown POV~


In a dirty dungeon filled with blood and filth, a man is chained to the wall.

"Tell me where you hid her, tell me where she is!" The yellow eyed monster screams at the man who has his whole body is bruised and bloodied.

"I don't know! If I knew I would never tell you." the man spit blood and received another lash from the monster.

"You liar! You know very well where she is, tell me or die."

"Over my dead bod... AHHH!" The man screams after receiving another lash before he could finish his sentence.

Try me, I will never tell you. The man says before losing consciousness.

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