You got served, Alpha

A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story.

Lexine Winheart, the sixteen years old girl who has been neglected by everyone. She is constantly being harassed and treated harshly by her pack and her family. With no friends and family, she has no shoulder to cry on to. She is always lonely and has to do what the other tells her to. Alex is the soon to be Alpha. One prank that he pulled on her just went way too far.

On the other hand, once rejected by her mate, she did the only thing to escape this hell house. She had enough. Running away was the only option and that’s exactly what she did. A complicated misunderstanding between these very two different people and the truth lies somewhere between them.
So what happens 2 years later when she returns? When she comes back to take revenge? Yup, revenge is sweet for sure and Lex will make sure everyone pays the price.

~A very surprising twist is yet to come~

[i hope its not too cliche.. give it a chance plz]


11. Chapter 11

This chapter is dedicated to Irish,luck for non-stop comments lol












Kick again








"Phew!" I stopped kicking the punching bag and took a deep breath. With the back of my palm I wiped the sweat that formed on my forehead. My whole body's on fire and every muscle in my body hurt like hell.


"Whoo whow! Go Lex go!" Twiddle dumb and twiddle dumber cheered for me while they just sat on the bench munching on some delicious chips.


"You guys!" I shouted, “stop eating junk in front of me!”


Lane grinned while Drake threw me a bottle of cold water. I immediately gulped down as much as I could. I was so thirsty that I felt like I could finish all the water from the sea.


"Good training! You are getting there!" Lane, the other twin said. I smiled.


"Thanks Lane." I said as I let my body collapse on the floor. Suddenly...


"Aww stop it! Oi that tickles!" I laughed and started wiggling under those two monsters who is tickling me to death.


"No no! Not there! Not my knees! Stop it you two.... aaaaaa! Can't--breathe!!" By now I was laughing so hard that I ran out of air.




The twins immediately stopped and straighten up. When we all sobered up, Damien was already next to me. "How are you doing Lex?"


I think I forgot how to breathe. His 25 years old handsomeness is enough to make you drool. And he is too close to me which isn't helping either.


Oh boy. Am I crushing on him? No no I can't! He has a mate out there somewhere. But can I help myself? My teenage hormone says no.


So I have been living with these wonderful people for about 15 days. The first week, the twin and Liv stuffed me with so much food that I gained a few pounds. I literally looked like a big round Halloween pumpkin.


Yes, life is good so far. We all have gotten very close to each other. The first few days were really emotional for me. I would break down out of blue. But they helped me go through the tough time I was having.They gave me all kind of support I needed to survive. They helped me take things off of my mind and spoiled me with gifts. Right now I am living the life of a princess. The life I think I truly deserve.


Do I miss home? Maybe not. Why would I? Damien, Liv and the twins helped me forget about what I once called home. But this is it. This is my home now. Here I got everything I want. Except, love. The only thing that I longed for but I can't get. The only thing missing from my life. Will I ever get it?


Maybe not.


"Hello! Lex? You there?"


I blinked and realised that Damien was waving his hands. "Oh um yeah. Sorry you were saying?" I said dumbly. Way to go Lex. Way to go. You really need to stop spacing out in front of him and look like an idiot.


Damien chuckled. "You seem to space out a lot don't you? Anyway tomorrow we will start field training. One on one with me 'k?"


I nodded. "Okay Alpha." I said and Damien frowned.


"How many times did I tell you to call me Damien?" He complained making me giggle.


"Sorry Damien, it's fun to annoy you."


"Ahem we are here too." The twiddle dumb and twiddle dumber said in unison. I looked at them and laughed. These two are amazing, funny and never failed to keep me entertained.


"Where is Liv?" I asked Damien.


"She went out. Should be back by now." Damien said and checked his wristwatch. "Now come on. You need to freshen up. Lunch should be served in about half an hour." He extended his hand and I took it. I brushed off some imaginary dust from my sweat pants.


"Yeah Lexipoop you need to freshen up. You stink!" Drake shuddered.


I chuckled and spread my arms wide, "Oh come on you! Come hug me bro! I smell wonderful" I said and within a blink of an eye, he sprinted out of his spot. I chased after him around the gym. "Come on brah I know you want to hug me! I am here! Come at me!"




"You are starting school tomorrow." Damien broke the silence. We were all eating our lunch when he suddenly dropped the bomb.


I almost choked on my food. I narrowed my eyes at him, "Seriously Damien? School? But I don't want to go!" I whined like a 10 years old. "I am too smart for school." Damien rolled his eyes at me.


“And she's too cool for school!” Lane said.


I nodded frantically, “Exactly what Lane said.”


"Oh yes you are Missy. You are going to "all werewolves" high school. You are going to finish your year."


I groaned and shot him a playful glare. Then my glare turned into a cute pouty look. "Pweaseeee Damein I don't want to go to school pweasee?" I batted my eyelashes. It always works on him whenever the twins wanted his permission to buy some stuff which as a guardian he really shouldn't. Like those super violent video games which is not suitable for under 18s. Since the twin, Liv and I are all pretty much under 18, Damien wouldn't allow us to buy anything that is not suitable. Uh strict much? But of course, my amazing charming puppy eyes would do the wonder. Liv said that I am the only person to ever get Damien to change his mind with small things like this.


Damien almost gave in but put himself together at the last minute and shook his head. "Nuh-uh! Ain't happening Lex. You are going and that's final."


"Come on you will be fine. People in this school are very nice. You will get along just fine. Beside we are here. We will make sure you get in all our classes so we can be together." Liv comforted me.


"Yeah" One of the twins agreed. "Beside we only have 6 months till we all graduate."


"Uh ok fine. I will go to school." I said grumpily and continue on chewing on my food.


The thing is school just brings back memories. Memories that I want to forget.


Hopefully the rest of the year will be good enough for me to survive.




Midnight Blue High School.


'Ok Lex. Take a deep breath. You will be fine.' My wolf tried to comfort me. I took a deep breath. Will I be fine? I don't know.


"Lex come on. Let's go inside." Liv grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the entrance.


"What if no one likes me?" I asked nervously.


Lane groaned, "How many times do I have to tell you that everyone here will love you?" One of two overprotective “bodyguards” said.


"Whatever." I muttered and followed them.


"Actually talking about loving, the boys are already giving you the eye." Liv whispered.


Oh my! Boys? They are even paying attention at me? No way! Well things might be different after all!


The twins and Liv walked me to the reception. I collected my schedule from the reception lady. "So I have you all in all of my classes?" I said as I scanned my schedule.


"Yup!" Drake said popping the P. Great!


"So we have....... Art first yeah?" I asked.


"Yup!" This time it was Lane.


"And we have art together right?"


"Yup!" Liv mimicked the twins.


"And we are going there after the home group right? Wait don't answer, it's gonna be another "yup!" I said sarcastically, trying to control my laughter. The twin chuckled.


Several girls passed by giving the twins seductive winks. The twins flirted back. Oh so they are players.




"Today will be learning about the different arts created by many famous artists." Our art teacher Ms Lee said. So far she is a really cool teacher. So are the students in class. No one bothered me, instead I received some simple hello's and welcome's from students.


I smiled. Maybe coming to this school wasn't a bad decision after all! I could get used to this!


"So we all know who painted Mona Lisa right?" She asks the class and immediately Drake puts his hands up.


"Its Leonardo DiCaprio! Damn yeah!" Drake fist pumps in the air before anyone else could have a chance to answer. Ms Lee sighed when the class interrupted with laughter. Drake gave us a confused glance. "What?"


"Mr Welse its Leonardo Da Vinci not Leonardo DiCaprio." Ms Lee said calmly. She is probably used to students giving some witty answers.


So Welse is their last name huh. I actually never paid attention to anyone's last name, but good to know. I wonder how they ended up living with Damien, or where their parents were. But I never questioned them about it.


"Oh..." Drake said and sank back to his chair.


"You watch too much movies." I told Drake and he just rolled his eyes in response.


The rest of the day went pretty well. The girls were all over Drake and Lane and the boys were giving approving looks to Liv and I. I actually went along with many other people here too. They were all very nice and kind. Liv introduced me to all her friends and so did the twins. The twins introduced me to a pack of werewolves aka the players of the school, Liv introduced me to a few girls who we will be having lunch with every day.


Not bad for first day yeah?

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