Styles' Baby

Felicité is jus your normal 19 year old.
She has a house. A job. A boyfriend. Did I mention her boyfriend is Harry Styles? Well he is. I also forgot to mention she's pregnant.


10. Twitter

Felicité's POV
I woke up at an early hour, and when I saw that it was nearly 3 am I was really pissed off.
Yes I am not a mornong person, I like to sleep.
I realised it was my laptop making noises that woke me up, which pissed me off more.
When I saw what it was though, I smiled.
It was Harry skyping me.
I quickly sat up and put the laptop on my lap, pressing the call button.

I was immediately warmed when I saw Harry's happy smiley face which made me envy as it was day light there.
Harry noticed this and chuckled.

"Sorry I woke you babe, I just couldn't wait any longer" He smiled sincerely at me.
He hesitated for a split second before looking into the screen, looking at something.

"How are my twins?" He asked, a smile breaking out from ear to ear, showing off hiss cute dimples.

"Great. Bit hard to get comfortable though" I sighed, remembering how hard it was to get to sleep.
I actually fell asleep on the couch, it was more comfortable than the bed at the moment.
I nearly stayed on the couch but I thought otherwise.
And my bed smelt like Harry, whom I missed, so it felt alot warmer.

"Wait till you get bigger. Damn, your nearly going to be ready to pop when I get back" Harry chuckled nervously. I could tell he wasn't so sure about the whole 'giving birth' thing, but I knew we'd pull through.

"Charming Haz" I rolled my eyes at his Not so formal words.

"How come you don't get moody? You're always so happy" Harry asked, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I giggle slightly, proving his point that I am actually always happy.

"You know I've never been one to be affected by hormones. Just lucky I guess" I said, though it was true.
My sense of humour probably out-numbered the hormones.

"True. Hey listen, we gotta go for an interview. Get some sleep ok?" Harry smiled, looking off to the side, probaby listeningto whatever was being said to him.

"Ok. I'll try. We love you" I smiled, talking like the babies actually what was going on.

"I love you babies! I love you too babe. Bye" Harry smiled, then hung up.
I groaned, a small tear escaping my eyes.
Why does he have to go on tour now?
I quickly wiped away the tear and put my laptop away, then snuggled back into the warm blankets.

"GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!" Perrie chirped, bouncing into the room and opening the curtains, giving me a full view of London.
I groaned and told her to piss off, but she wouldn't have such a thing.

"Harry skyped me a 3 in the morning! I'm tired! Pregnant! Now go away!" I groaned into my pillow.
Perrie ignored me and instead, came over and rippe the blankets off me, throwing them on the floor.
I just turned around and sat up, my hair falling everywhere so I looked like some crazy psycotic bitch.
"The girls made you bacon amd eggs and then we're all going to do stupid things inside the house today!" Perrie said cheerily.
How she was so happy in tge mornings, I don't know. But whatever. I'm awake now.
I got changed into a pair of trackies and my Christmas shirt, considering it was nearly Christmas.
I slipped into my ugg boots then followed Perrie out to the kitchen.
The whole table was set and all the girls were eating so I took my seat next to Georgia and started eating.

"What about we get Fee a twitter!" Danielle squealed in excitment.
I actually didn't think it was a bad idea, so we decided to get me one.
I use to have one a while ago but I got rid of it.
So I still knew how to work it all.

"Quick! Do your first tweet!" Perrie gushed.
After I edited my profile and everything, I didn't want me in any pics so for my cover I just chose a really pretty model, and for my tweet, I took a photo of my shirt and blamed Harry, having a little bit of fun.
We all spent a while on twitter just either following people or tweeting, and before we knew it; it was lunch.
*Please note that none ofthis story is true, it is all fiction.
None of this happened/is happening so don't worry.
The twitters are real though so go follow them!

@lifes_ah_beach - Georgia
@Felicitebabe -Felicité
And well you know the famous people's!
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