Styles' Baby

Felicité is jus your normal 19 year old.
She has a house. A job. A boyfriend. Did I mention her boyfriend is Harry Styles? Well he is. I also forgot to mention she's pregnant.


11. Too Many Questions

Harry's POV
"Coming!" I said to Liam. We all had to go to the last interview for this week.
It had been 2 weeks since I last skyped Fee, and I bet she's alot bigger now.
I was just itching to get home to all my beautiful babies.
But we still had another 2 months. Although I am going home for a day in 1 month for the second ultrasound.
I was not impressed when I realised I had another month.

"Hurry up!" Louis shouted from down the hall.
I quickly switched the hotwl lights off and followed the lads to the elevator (lift), along with Paul and Preston.

"What time does the interview start?" I asked sleepily.
I hadn't gotten much sleep lately, I've been too depressed and upset lately.
I really missed being at home with my babies. All 3 of them.

"You ok mate?" Zayn asked, ignoring my question.

"Yeah, just miss Fee" I said.
We reached the ground floor and saw that the front doors to the hotel were blocked off.
Their was a crowd of fans an paps out there.
How did they even find us?

"Ok, the cars are out the front so we're gonna have to go through them all" Paul explained.
We nodded, unncertain, but we didn't have a choice.
We followed both Paul and Preston outside and were immediately hit by the roar of the crowd.
No one in history would ever get used to this.
It was just not possible.

"Harry! Is it true you knocked your girlfriend up?!"

"Are Louis and Eleanor still dating?!"

"Who's having a baby next?!"

All the questions were spinning around in my head.
My weakened and tired body couldn't handle it anymore, and then the world blackened.

Louis' POV
I was following Harry through the crowd, doing my best to smiled but also ignore everyone's remarks.
It was hard, especially when they kept bringing up the 'Felicité being pregnant' thing.
I noticed Harry wasn't taking the questions and screaming so well, and before I knew it, he was lying on the ground.

"PAUL!" I screamed, though I don't think he could hear me.
I knelt beside my best friend amd tried to shake him awake, but he wasn't having it.
The fans around us were starting to either panic, cry, or scream louder.

"PLEASE EVERYONE SHUT UP!" I screamed at the fans.
Most of them quietenes down, a bit scared of what I just did, but at least I could think straight now.

"PAUL! PRESTON!" I screamed out again.
This time I got a response.

"LOUIS?!" Preston shouted back.

"YES! HURRY!" I shouted.

After abiut 5 minutes, Paul and Preston both emerged from the crowd, and when they saw Harry they went into shock.
They snapped themselves out of it though, and came over.
"Louis! You carry him, we'll make space!" Preston shouted.
The crowd was still a bit noisy, but not as bad as before, so I heard and understood him.
I carefully picked him up and followed Paul and Preston, and within 15 minutes, we were in the Range Rover and on our way to the hospital.
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