Styles' Baby

Felicité is jus your normal 19 year old.
She has a house. A job. A boyfriend. Did I mention her boyfriend is Harry Styles? Well he is. I also forgot to mention she's pregnant.


8. The Scans

Felicité's POV
"You can collect the scan from the reception. I hope I see you again" Stacy smiled.

"Thanks again" Harry said, leading me out the door.
I grinned so wide.
Harry must've thought I was strange, but then again. He was grinning too.
We were having twins! Oh my gosh! Twins!
We smiled happily and went to reception.
Louis was sitting on the chairs waiting and when he saw us he jumped up and came over, excitment clear in his steps.

We got our scan of our 'babies' and just grinned at Louis.
We hid the scans until we got home, and since everyone was at our place, because the boys were sadly leaving to tour the UK and Europe tonight, we would tell everyone about the twins then.
Once we entered the house, the girls and the lads crowded around me and Harry, waiting on news about the baby. Babies I should say. They didn't know that.

We hushed them and sat around in the lounge room, then took the scans out.

"The scan went well, better than what we'd hope for, because well, we'rw having twins!" I squeaked excitedly.
I didn't care how much I sounded like a retarded teenaged girl, I was excited.
The girls all jumped up, Perrie, Danielle, Georgia, and Eleanor, coming and hugging me.
"I thought you looked bigger than someone normally would at 10 weeks" Dani gushed.
I slapped her shoulder playfull and then all the boys were hugging me.

"We have a big One Direction famiy! I can't wait for the babies to be born!" Harry shouted, kissing my lips softly.

"Save it for the bed!" Niall shouted making us blush.

"We already did! My girl's pregnant!" Harry backfired, pointing to my stomach.
Once everyone pulled away from me, Harry knelt down in front of me, he lifted my shirt up and started kissing my stomach, while I stood there a blushed. Harry smiled cheekily and stood up, kissing me again.

I handed out the ultrasounds to everyone and they all peered over each others' shoulders to get a look.

This was a great way to spend time with the boys before they left.
We'd had the next 3 months planned out.
The girls would be staying here Louis, Harry and I's place, keeping each other company.
And once I am 19 weeks pregnant, Harry would rush home for the next ultrasound, thengo back.
It was all planned out, might not be the best plan.
But it's the only one we have.
Once the lads get backfrom the tour, they won't be leaving until long after I have the baby. They're only going for 3 months now, but it will be the longest 3 months.

I went over and sat on Top of Louos and Zayn, probably crushing them but too tired to care, and peeked over at my two gorgeous children.
I can't believe I'm pregnant with twins.

"I love you Harry" I said, leaning over to kiss Harry's cheek.
He was in the middle of everyone, holding the scan of his babies.
He was smiling like an idiot.
But a proud idiot.
He was my proud idiot of a boyfriend and I love him and my babies and the lads and my girls.
We had an amazing family, granted we weren't blood related but we might as well be.
"I love you too babe" Harry finally said, aftwr staring lovingly at the scans for a few moments.
He took one quick glance at me and smiled cheekily, before giving his attention back to the ultrasounds.
It'l take alot to pry him away from that.

"Hey, why don't you take the scans with you on tour?" I suggested, thinking that if he can't have me and the bubs actually there, he'll still see them.
His fave softened as he realised he was leaving in a few hours, but when he realised what I said, he smiled again.
"Can I?" He asked, smiling hopefully at me.

"Of course" I returned the smile. "After all, I have them living inside me".
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