Styles' Baby

Felicité is jus your normal 19 year old.
She has a house. A job. A boyfriend. Did I mention her boyfriend is Harry Styles? Well he is. I also forgot to mention she's pregnant.


2. Getting Used To It

Felicité's POV
"Harry, I'm scared" I said, sliding under the covers with Harry.
He wrapped a strong arm over my shoulders and kissed my head.

"I know babe, so am I. But you know what? We're going to be great parents. We can spoil him or her all the time and it'll be the luckiest baby alive" Harry said, and hugged me.
I smiled and kissed his rosy lips softly, before turning over and looking out the window at London.
Yes, we had a view of London from our room.
Sure it was always bright but it comfortated me.
It made me feel happy knowing that I was at home.

"I love you Felicité" Harry mumbled, wrapping his arms around my small waist.
It would get big within a coupe of months.
My whole stomach would.
I'd have to stop working soon because I'll be too fat for it.

"I love you more" I urged Harry on, slight humor bouncing in my eyes.

"I love you most" Harry whispered cheekily, before we both closed pur eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up the mext morning feeling sick again.
I quickly jumped out of Harry's tight grasp and ran into pur bathroom.
I slammed the door shut, forgetting about Harry and Louis sleeping, and threw up in the toilet.
I heard the door open and then a very tired looking Harry was there, holding my hair out of my face.
After I finished throwing up, I flushe the toilet and washed my mouth out, then turned and hugged Harry

"How much longer do I have to put up with this?" I mumbled into Harry's warm chest.
His body shook slightly as he chuckled, causing a warmth to spread through my body like a wild fire.

"Not long babe" Harry finally replied, taking my hand and leading me downstairs.
Louis was still in be by the looks of it, so hopefully I didn't wake him up.
Harry made me sit on the couch while I turned the TV on.
It was on the Celebrity Gossip channel and I was about to turn it over when a story about One Direction came on.

"It has been confirmed that in 2 months time, your favourite boy band, One Direction, will be starting with their Take Me Home tour, and have special
guests such as our favourite red head Ed Sheeran, and will, at some stage, be filming for a new 3D movie. Unfortunately the movie won't be out until August 2013, but at least it's not too long a wait!" I groaned, remembering that I won't see Harry for a whole 3 months, and I'll look like I swallowed a watermelon whn he gets back.

"Here babe" Harry said, sitting next to me and putting a tray of pancakes on my lap.

"Thanks babe. Just what I needed" I said, howing into the softness of the delicious pancakes.
The cream and syrup made my mouth water as I swallowed the mixture of the two, then I rememered something important.

"Harry, we're going to have to tell our families soon. Before anyone else knows. I don't want the press finding out and then putting it all over the news, our families will be upset" I explained, a mouthful of food.
Harry chuckled at me before starting his own pancakes.

"How about we invite everyone over for dinner to celebrate? We can tell them then" Harry suggested, also with a mouthful.

"Sounds good. You call the boys and your family. I'll call my girls and my family" I said.

Harry had an even bigger mouthful of food, so he just nodded and put his thumbs up.

Just then, a sleepy Louis cane trudging down the stairs, only in boxers.

"Ya know, you boys are gonna have to wear clothes when this baby is born" I said sternly to both cheeky boys.
They looked at me innocently beforw shrugging it off.
Louis walked behind me on the couch and tore a piece of my pancake off, shoving it in his mouth.

"That was mine" I pouted, faking sadness.
Louis just stuck his tongue out and smirked, jumping over the couch and sitting next to me.

"Oh by the way, we're having everyone over for dinner soon to tell them the news" Harry piped up, thoughtful for a minute.

"How about tomorrow? That way we can buy all the stuff we need today, set it all up tomorrow, and it'll give everyone time to get ready" He suggested.
I nodded, and then finished off my pancakes.

"Ok, I called the lads, they're coming at 7. You called your family and they're coming at 7. Who else?" Harry said, crossing off people on a mental list.

"I'll call Georgia, Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle, you call your family" I stated, not forgetting to mention my best girlfriends.

"Deal. I'll do that now" Harry said, running off to the lounge room.
I took my iPhone off the kitchen bench and dialled Georgia's number.
We've been best friends for years, I was so greatful that we stayed in touch once I moved to the busy London streets.
She stayed in her quiet hometown of Chesire.
Actually, she was the reason I'm with Harry.
She introduced me, and I was forever in her debt for that.

After a few rings, my best friends familiar voice answered the phone.
She obviously saw my ID.

"Felicité! What's up ma bitch?!" She asked, her usual charming self making me roll my eyes and giggle.

"Nothing much, hey, me and Harry are having a special dinner tomorrow at 7, we have big news! Wanna come?" I asked her, happiness clear in my tone.

"Obviously ya big dummy! Listen, I gotta go, I'm at work, but I'll see you tomorrow at 7. Your place right?" Her response said.

"Yup! Cool. I'll see you then! Later Georg!" I said, once Georgia responded, I hung up and dialled Eleanor's number.

"Hey babe!" I yelled into the phone, probably giving her a heart attack.
You'd think her boyfriend would invite her, but no, he wanted to buy all the stuff we'd need.
How he conned us into letting him do the shopping, I don't know, but I'd probably regret it later.

"Hey Felicité! How are you?" Eleanor said, obvious distraction in her voice.
I heard people laughing in the background and frowned in confusion.

"Shh girls! I'm on the phone!" Eleanor hissed, her voice away from the phone.

"I'm good thanks.
Me and Harry are having a special dinner here tomorrow at 7, we've got big news, wanna come?" I asked, trying to hear what was going on in the background.

"Oh yeah sure! By the way, Dani and Perrie are here listening in, hope you don't mind!" El said, then I heard the loud giggles from Dani an Perrie, I had to move the phone away from my ear ir was that loud.

"Of course not! I wa going to callyou girls next! You're all invited!" I laughed.

"Yay! We'll be there! Bye!" Dani and Perrie said in unison.

"Bye Fee" El said, using her nickname for me.

"Bye El!" I hung up the phone and then realised I didn't have anyone left to call, less work for the pregnant one.
It'll take alot getting used to that.
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