Styles' Baby

Felicité is jus your normal 19 year old.
She has a house. A job. A boyfriend. Did I mention her boyfriend is Harry Styles? Well he is. I also forgot to mention she's pregnant.


7. First Ultrasound

Felicité's POV
The last 2 months have been pretty busy. I spent most of the time with my brother before he was leaving for France, that was for the first month.
After that, me and Harry found out I had actually been pregnant for about 2 weeks before that, and now we're on our way to our first ultrasound.
Both me and Harry were shaking with nerves as Louis drove us to the hospital.
We didn't want the uncle to miss out.
"Stop juggling your leg babe" Harry chuckled, placing a firm han on my now still leg.
I hadn't realised I was bouncing it until Harry told me.
My mind was concentrating on the fact that I would get to see the tiny foetas that's growing inside me.
I was now 10 weeks pregnant, and my stomach was starting to grown bigger, making me look fatter.
Harry held onto my hand tightly, and then in no time we were driving up the driveway to the hospital.
Once Louis locked the car, I took hold of his and Harry's hands, and we all walked up to the doors.

"Felicité Swan?" A nurse called.
I realised that was me and my eyes widened.
Louis decided he wanted to wait in the waiting room to let the lovers have their first look at their baby.
Harry stop up and pulled me with him.
I shook the whole journey the small room and Harry helped me sit on the bed.

"Hello my dears.
How are you today?" The nurse asked.
She looked to be about in her 40's. Nice enough with her brown curled hair.
Harry realised I had no voice to speak, so he answered for me.

"Nervous, a you can see" He gestured towards me and I gave the lady a shaky smile.

"That's alright, it's always nerve wracking the first time round. I've done this with my 3 kids before.
It never gets old I tell ya" She giggled. She made me feel a bit more comfortable, so I untensed my shoulders and bit, and layed down on the bed as the lady gestured.

"So Felicité and Harry right?" She asked. I nodded and she wrote something down on a clip board.

"I'm Stacy and I'll be doing your very first ultrasound" She said cheerily.
I looked nervously at Harry, he just smiled at me and mouthed 'pay attention'. I nodded and smiled again, then turned my attention back towards Stacy.
She took some gel stuff out and wiped the cold stuff all over my exposed stomach.
It tickled and made me shiver slightly, but it mainly just felt weird.
She then put a small device thingy on my stomach, which felt even weirder.
If buzzed a little and tickled but I tried to ignore it.
I took hold of Harry's hand again and turned to the nurse.
Her eyebrows were creased as she focused her atterion on the little monitor. Then she leaned back and smiled.

"I have some rather big new to tell you about the baby" The nurse said wearily.

"What? What is it? Is something wrong?" I asked, panicked.
My baby's fine right? Still living right?

"No, no. Everything is fine" Stacy smiled.

"Then what is it?" Harry asked.

"You're having twins"
Sorry it's so short, but it will get longer! I promise!:)
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