Styles' Baby

Felicité is jus your normal 19 year old.
She has a house. A job. A boyfriend. Did I mention her boyfriend is Harry Styles? Well he is. I also forgot to mention she's pregnant.


12. Broken

Felicité's POV
The girls were all still asleep from our 'up all night' party type thing last night, but I couldn't stay asleep.
Something felt off.
So I went and sat on the couch with some cereal and turned the TV on.
It was on the gossip channel and nothing else was on so I watched it.

"Fans and paparazzi crowded around a hotel in California today jus to catch a glimse of their favourite boyband, One Direction. But unfortunately, for member Harry Styles, the trip was cut short.
According to member Louis Tomlinson, "I was following close behind him when he just fainted. He's been a bit off lately but I don't know what happened", is this the end of their America tour?"
I turned the TV off. I couldn't hear anymore of this.
I was falling apart.
And by the looks of it, Harry was too.
We knew it'd be hard but Harry fainting? Something is seriously wrong.
I hadn't even noticed, but once Instarted crying, I couldn't stop.
The stress was finally getting to me.
I stood up and ran back into my room, slamming the door shut.
I kicked the walls and screamed, letting everything thats been bottled up, out.
I screame and thrashed and kicked at everything.
I started pulling all mine and Harry's clothes out of the wardrobe (closet) and threw them on the ground, still yelling and screaming.
This was no way god for the babies, but I was just to fu<k!ng stressed.
Someone came in the room and I collapse onto the floor. Screaming and crying into my hands.
I felt arms wrap around me and I knew whose they were.
I looked up to see Liam looking down at me, a single tear in his eye.
He sat down and pulled me onto his lap.
I burried myself into his chest and screamed.
just hugge me tightly and rubbed soothing circles on my hips.
He knew me too well.

"I've been knock, knock, knocking at the thought of your door.
But your not, not, not here anymore.
I ring, ring, ring. Your every thought in my head.
I can't get through, the connection is dead" Liam sang softy, his voice calming me, but making m
cry still.
It made me miss Harry.
I didn't want this to
be the reason he comes home.
I want him happy and healthy, the way I left him.

"I want, want to tell you about the news today.
But you wouldn't believe me. You'd laugh it away.
There's a ghost standing at the foot of my bed.
An it's you, it's you, it's you, it was you" Liam comtinued, rocking me
back and forth.
I stoppe crying loudly and just let the tears fall soundlessly.
What was the point of crying? It wouldn't make Harry be happy and smiley would it ?
"Where is he?" I asked weakly.

"Hospital. We had to come fly back here last night. He's in a coma" Liam explained, and that was when the tears started again.
That tour was the worst one by far.
And all because I'm pregnant and alone!
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